Sidepost Umbrella Bases

Sidepost Umbrella Bases

Sidepost Umbrella bases for FIM Offset Umbrellas

Choosing the correct umbrella Base for your needs is always an important decision. We now offer a variety of unique, sturdy umbrella bases that can be used with your FIM Sidepost Umbrella or Awning. While some stands are not appropriate for Windy areas, that should not be a concern. We offer bases that are suitable for windy areas like the Deck Mount Base and the Ground Insert Base. Some of these bases are compatible with only certain types of Umbrellas and Awnings, but there are several to choose from.

We have only the best, time-proven Sidepost Umbrella Bases to offer at discounted prices for savvy Internet buyers. The criteria we used was quality, design, reliability, warranty, value and lastly our best discounted price.

Umbrella bases come in a wide variety of sizes and weights. The Freestanding FIM umbrella bases will require patio stones to be purchased locally to secure the base and require a combined weight of at least 200lbs. The more permanent Deck Mount base and In Ground Base require nothing more than careful installation.

Protect your umbrella investment with the appropriate base for your needs. With the rotating and tilting capabilities of these sidepost umbrellas you may never need to move your umbrella after securing it in the base.

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