Bamboo Rugs - Villager Ebony

Bamboo Rugs - Villager Ebony

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs by Anji Mountain

Manufactured in China, the bamboo in these rugs is machine planed, sanded, then hand sanded once again to insure a high quality finish. All the bamboo that is used is harvested, processed and assembled in China. The bamboo is carbonized which means that water and oils have been removed naturally, and then it is kiln dried to prevent warping and cracking. These steps insure that the rugs will withstand the dry heat inside your home during the winter or an arid, desert-like climate. Each Anji Bamboo Rug has been created with a color-coordinated poly border that will last longer and be more stain resistant than a cotton border. Also, each border is micro-stitched and has mitered corners for an attractive finish and better wear.

Anji Mountain Villager Ebony Rugs are made from 100% quality bamboo from the remote Anji Mountains in China. These rugs are considered one of the finest bamboo rugs. Anji Rugs are easy to clean and ecologically friendly providing a beautiful accent to any style of flooring in any area of the home.

To care for your bamboo rug, the rug must be placed in an area with proper drainage and no existing mold or mildew problems. Stand your rug up on its side after a heavy rain to aid in drying your rug. Bring the rug indoors when not in use to preserve its condition. Natural fading will occur in direct sunlight over time.

If your Bamboo Rug gets wet during outdoor use, the following steps should be taken to insure the rug’s longevity:

  • The Bamboo Rug’s surface should be wiped dry.
  • The Bamboo Rug should be hung to completely air-dry.
  • The surface that the Bamboo Rug lies on should be completely air-dried before lying the rug back down.

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