Bahama Weave Patio Table Lamp - 2in Thin Pole
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Bahama Weave Patio Table Lamp - 2in Thin Pole

Outdoor Patio Lamps

Try our Bahama Weave Tall Patio Table Lamps to add a fashionable styling and light to your outdoor patio table. Each lamp has a Bisque, powder-coated aluminum weighted base and a Mojavi PVC wicker lamp body style. These lamps are totally weatherproof and have a two level dimming switch along with a weatherproof grounded cord and plug. The grounded cords are 16 feet in length on this lamp. You can use up to a 60 watt standard light bulb. These portable table lamps stand 30 inches tall. You can use a 60 watt standard light bulb in this lamp. Every lamp shade measures 7.5 inches (Top Diameter) by 11.5 inches tall by 20 inches bottom diamter while the entire lamp measures 34 inches tall. Each lamp has a thinner 2 inch diameter tube or lamp post

Bahama Weave Wicker Finish Colors

Bahama Weave Wicker Patio Lamps are available as table lamps or floor lamps and come in with four different PVC wicker colors. You will love the added touch of elegance that these floor and table lamps will bring to your patio or deck area. They are sturdy and will last for years. Nothing is more practical for lighting up an outdoor area for entertaining your friends after dark. Since they are designed for outdoor use, you will find these lamps are functional and decorative for your porch or deck area.

Bahama Weave Patio Lamp Shade Cover Colors

Solid Replacement Shade Fabric Colors
Solid Shade Colors
Pattern Replacement Shade Fabric Colors
Pattern Colors
NOTE: Styles 62, 63 & 64 are not available on trapezoid shades due to vertical pattern on fabric.

Features of Bahama Weave Table Lamp 2in
  • 100% weatherproof
  • 34" tall, 2" thin body x 20" diameter shade
  • 16 foot weatherproof grounded cord and plug.
  • Many choices Sunbrella lamp shade
  • PVC weatherproof wicker body style.
  • Bronze color lamp base.

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    Replacement Shade Covers
    Replacement Shade Covers
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