Heavy Duty Scoop Slide

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Waveless Heavy Duty straight scoop slide. New rotational molded scoop slide that can be shipped UPS. The entrance and exit sections are 3 ft. long with a 17 inch wide seat and a 23 inch overall width. Additional 2 ft. inserts can be added to make the slide 8ft, 10ft, 12ft or longer. The optimal length of the slide is usally double the height of the deck it is being attached. EX: 7ft deck needs a 14ft long slide.

Two wooden supports of 2x4's (not supplied) are needed under the handrails for support. Use of 2x6, 2x8 or 2x10 and/or additional bracing may be needed for slide lengths greater than 12ft long.

The additions of the recommended wood bracings, the strong thicker walls, and the higher tip over resistant sides of the scoop, give a higher degree of safety than those regular straight slides sold by big box stores. Who wants to see the slide buckle when two 75lbs+ kids (8+ year olds) slide down at the same time? Designed in smaller sections to reduce shipping costs without reducing typical glide experience for the children.

Heavy Duty Scoop Slide Instructions

Slide Length* Deck Height Price Sale Price
6 feet 3 feet $370.00 $245.95
8 feet 4 feet $440.00 $315.00
10 feet 5 feet $559.00 $415.00
12 feet 6 feet $630.00 $475.00
14 feet 7 feet $748.00 $575.00
16 feet 8 feet $819.00 $635.00
18 feet 9 feet $890.00 $695.00
20 feet 10 feet $1007.00 $795.00
22 feet 11 feet $1078.00 $855.00
24 feet 12 feet $1147.95 $924.95
* Length of slide is approximate

Manufacturer has found a new Mold company. They are estimating the receive new slide parts and start shipping current orders around Thanksgiving on first ordered basis.

  • Requires (2) minimum 2" x 4" s for side supports Wood not included.
  • Reversed tongue and groove design virtually eliminates visible seam.
  • Rigid polyethylene molded construction.
  • 300 lbs recommended weight limit for 6' to 12' slides.
      *Longer slides may require additional bracing to maintain weight limit.
  • All hardware included.
  • Easy to follow one page instructions.
  • Assembles in about 30 minutes
  • Sold Out ETA End of Nov 2017

    Heavy Duty Scoop Slide - ID#:JSP-Scoop
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    Sales Price: $245.95
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    Scoop Slide Entrance

    Scoop Slide Entrance
    Price: $179.00
    Sale Price: $125.00

    Scoop Slide Exit

    Scoop Slide Exit
    Price: $189.00
    Sale Price: $125.00

    Scoop Slide Insert

    Scoop Slide Insert
    Price: $109.00
    Sale Price: $79.95

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