Mounting Hardware Pack for Square or Rectangle Shade Sail

Accessory Hardware Pack to Mount a 4 Corner Shade Sail

This Shade Sail Accessory Pack comes with they hardware items listed below that are typically used to mount your square, rectangle or other 4 cornered shade sail. All pieces are made of stainless steel. Each accessory pack, which weighs approximately 3 pounds. Contents include two turnbuckles, four eye pads, and two spring clips.

Screws to mount the pad-eyes are not included as there may be different types screw needs depending to what it is being attached. (Wood, metal, concrete, etc.) Depending on your particular shade sail mounting needs, there may be additional hardware needed that can be easily obtained at a nearby hardware store.

Shade Sail Installation Guide / Tips

Features of Mounting Hardware 4-Corner Shade Sail
  • 316 Stainless Steel - No Rusting
  • Four Pad Eyes
  • Two 11in Turnbuckles
  • Two Spring Clips
  • Max expected working load for 8mm is about 1800lbs and 2300lbs for 10mm

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