Right Angle Triangle Commercial 95 Shade Sails
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Right Angle Triangle Commercial 95 Shade Sails

Made to Order with Commercial 95 Shade Fabric

Right Angle Triangle Commercial 95 Shade Sails are an economical way to shade your deck or patio. More than ever, people are spending more time outdoors, and protection from the sun has become increasingly important due to the negative effects of the sun on the skin. Also known as Sun Sails, shade sails make beautiful additions to your patio, backyard, swimming pool, or outdoor living area, and they provide excellent protection from the sun and UV radiation. A shade sail is the perfect alternative to a traditional pergola or covered porch. Floating and curvaceous, shade sails make an attractive addition to any property, and with the right design can enhance the existing property with flair and style.

These shade sails feature Commercial 95 fabric by Synthesis. Commercial 95 material is a 340 grams per square meter high density polyethylene knitted fabric specially designed to breathe and keep you cooler and more comfortable in hot weather. This state of the art material has a 10 year warranty against UV breakdown. It blocks up to 98% of the sun's harmful UV rays yet remains totally unaffected by moisture and natural temperature extremes. And because the Commercial 95 fabric is knitted, not woven, it won't tear or fray. Shade sails are reinforced around the perimeter and have a stainless steel ring at each corner.

Sail Shades are wonderfully versatile; they can be attached to homes, trees, or patio columns. In addition, they can be supported by wood posts or steel columns embedded in concrete footings, and can also be taken down seasonally as required. Shade sails, when installed properly, do not sag or flap in the wind.

How to View your Right Angled Shade Sail for Measuring or Ordering

In any right angled triangle, there is one angle that is 90 degrees, just like the inside corner of a room. If you put yourself behind that corner and looked down on the triangle (See image to right). The A dimension would be to the right side of the 90 degree angle, and the B dimension would be the left side. C is always the longest side of the triangle and will be directly opposite of the Right Angle. We only need the A and B dimension as we can automatically calculate the C dimension.

CAUTION: If the area you wish to shade is much longer on one side and not very wide on the other, the inward curve will protrude far enough into the sails shape, the corner of the two long sides will become a skinny strap. This may be unexpected to the average person. So please be careful when designing your shade sails.

To the left is how a right angled shade sail corner may appear as the the B dimension approaches twice the length of the A dimension. The inward curve of the two long sides makes the fabric converge quickly. And here is an extreme example of Skinny Triangle Corners where two long sides exceeds twice that of the short side.

Please note that all Commercial 95 shade sails are made to order and therefore these are NOT returnable. The dimensions supplied are for the finished sails dimension, corner to corner, D-ring to D-ring along a side. Your minimum mounting point dimensions should be the length of the sail plus the length of your mounting hardware, plus 5% of the length of the sail for fabric stretch. This ensures you have enough space for your mounting/tensioning hardware (ours is ~11 inches) and the fabric stretch (~5% of the length of the side) of the sail.

EXAMPLE: 20ft side of sail (240 inches), would require that the mounting points be at least 263 inches apart at a minimum. 5% of 240 inches is 12 inches, add that to 11inches and you get 23 inches + the length of the side of 240in equals 263 inches. Easy right?

  • Commercial grade fabric, 340 gsm +/- 20
  • Excellent UV blockage up to 98.8%
  • Sides are not straight. They curve inwards about 6-10% so it will eliminate help fabric wrinkles, sagging and even flapping when properly tensioned.
  • UV stabilized High Density Polyethylene fabric won't rot or absorb moisture
  • Commercial 95 Fabric Specifications.
  • Class A Fire Rated Fabric
  • Unique high quality lock-stitch construction for superior impact and tear strength
  • 20 contemporary colors
  • Heat set to minimize shrinkage and eliminate curling during fabrication
  • 10 year UV warranty on fabric - 2 Years FULL!
  • MADE TO ORDER - No Returns or Refunds

  • Due to manufacturing tolerances and fabric stretch, sail dimensions may vary 1.5" plus or minus.

    Right Angled Triangle Shade Sail Priced Sizes - Commercial 95

    SizePriceSqFt*Max Pull**
    A=6ft x B=6ft$225.5018174
    A=6ft x B=7ft$225.5021203
    A=6ft x B=8ft$225.5024232
    A=6ft x B=9ft$225.5027261
    A=6ft x B=10ft$225.5030290
    A=6ft x B=11ft$225.5033319
    A=7ft x B=6ft$225.5021203
    A=7ft x B=7ft$225.5025242
    A=7ft x B=8ft$225.5028271
    A=7ft x B=9ft$225.5032309
    A=7ft x B=10ft$225.5035338
    A=7ft x B=11ft$225.5039377
    A=7ft x B=12ft$225.5042406
    A=7ft x B=13ft$225.5046445
    A=8ft x B=6ft$225.5024232
    A=8ft x B=7ft$225.5028271
    A=8ft x B=8ft$225.5032309
    A=8ft x B=9ft$225.5036348
    A=8ft x B=10ft$225.5040387
    A=8ft x B=11ft$225.5044425
    A=8ft x B=12ft$225.5048464
    A=8ft x B=13ft$225.5052503
    A=8ft x B=14ft$254.2056541
    A=8ft x B=15ft$270.6060580
    A=9ft x B=6ft$225.5027261
    A=9ft x B=7ft$225.5032309
    A=9ft x B=8ft$225.5036348
    A=9ft x B=9ft$225.5041396
    A=9ft x B=10ft$225.5045435
    A=9ft x B=11ft$225.5050483
    A=9ft x B=12ft$225.5054522
    A=9ft x B=13ft$266.5059570
    A=9ft x B=14ft$282.9063609
    A=9ft x B=15ft$307.5068657
    A=9ft x B=16ft$323.9072696
    A=9ft x B=17ft$348.5077744
    A=10ft x B=7ft$225.5035338
    A=10ft x B=7ft$225.5035338
    A=10ft x B=8ft$225.5040387
    A=10ft x B=9ft$225.5045435
    A=10ft x B=10ft$225.5050483
    A=10ft x B=11ft$250.1055532
    A=10ft x B=12ft$270.6060580
    A=10ft x B=13ft$295.2065628
    A=10ft x B=14ft$315.7070677
    A=10ft x B=15ft$340.3075725
    A=10ft x B=16ft$360.8080773
    A=10ft x B=17ft$385.4085822
    A=10ft x B=18ft$405.9090870
    A=10ft x B=19ft$430.5095918
    A=11ft x B=6ft$225.5033319
    A=11ft x B=7ft$225.5039377
    A=11ft x B=8ft$225.5044425
    A=11ft x B=9ft$225.5050483
    A=11ft x B=10ft$250.1055532
    A=11ft x B=11ft$274.7061590
    A=11ft x B=12ft$299.3066638
    A=11ft x B=13ft$323.9072696
    A=11ft x B=14ft$348.5077744
    A=11ft x B=15ft$373.1083802
    A=11ft x B=16ft$397.7088851
    A=11ft x B=17ft$422.3094909
    A=11ft x B=18ft$446.9099957
    A=11ft x B=19ft$475.601051015
    A=11ft x B=20ft$496.101101063
    A=11ft x B=21ft$524.801161121
    A=12ft x B=7ft$225.5042406
    A=12ft x B=8ft$225.5048464
    A=12ft x B=9ft$225.5054522
    A=12ft x B=10ft$270.6060580
    A=12ft x B=11ft$299.3066638
    A=12ft x B=12ft$323.9072696
    A=12ft x B=13ft$352.6078754
    A=12ft x B=14ft$377.2084812
    A=12ft x B=15ft$405.9090870
    A=12ft x B=16ft$434.6096928
    A=12ft x B=17ft$459.20102986
    A=12ft x B=18ft$487.901081044
    A=12ft x B=19ft$512.501141102
    A=12ft x B=20ft$541.201201160
    A=12ft x B=21ft$569.901261218
    A=12ft x B=22ft$594.501321276
    A=12ft x B=23ft$623.201381334
    A=13ft x B=7ft$225.5046445
    A=13ft x B=8ft$225.5052503
    A=13ft x B=9ft$266.5059570
    A=13ft x B=10ft$295.2065628
    A=13ft x B=11ft$323.9072696
    A=13ft x B=12ft$352.6078754
    A=13ft x B=13ft$385.4085822
    A=13ft x B=14ft$410.0091880
    A=13ft x B=15ft$442.8098947
    A=13ft x B=16ft$467.401041005
    A=13ft x B=17ft$500.201111073
    A=13ft x B=18ft$528.901171131
    A=13ft x B=19ft$557.601241199
    A=13ft x B=20ft$586.301301257
    A=13ft x B=21ft$619.101371324
    A=13ft x B=22ft$643.701431382
    A=13ft x B=23ft$676.501501450
    A=13ft x B=24ft$705.201561508
    A=13ft x B=25ft$733.901631576
    A=14ft x B=8ft$254.2056541
    A=14ft x B=9ft$282.9063609
    A=14ft x B=10ft$315.7070677
    A=14ft x B=11ft$348.5077744
    A=14ft x B=12ft$377.2084812
    A=14ft x B=13ft$410.0091880
    A=14ft x B=14ft$442.8098947
    A=14ft x B=15ft$475.601051015
    A=14ft x B=16ft$504.301121083
    A=14ft x B=17ft$537.101191150
    A=14ft x B=18ft$569.901261218
    A=14ft x B=19ft$598.601331286
    A=14ft x B=20ft$631.401401353
    A=14ft x B=21ft$664.201471421
    A=14ft x B=22ft$692.901541489
    A=14ft x B=23ft$725.701611556
    A=14ft x B=24ft$758.501681624
    A=14ft x B=25ft$791.301751692
    A=14ft x B=26ft$820.001821759
    A=15ft x B=8ft$270.6060580
    A=15ft x B=9ft$307.5068657
    A=15ft x B=10ft$340.3075725
    A=15ft x B=11ft$373.1083802
    A=15ft x B=12ft$405.9090870
    A=15ft x B=13ft$442.8098947
    A=15ft x B=14ft$475.601051015
    A=15ft x B=15ft$508.401131092
    A=15ft x B=16ft$541.201201160
    A=15ft x B=17ft$578.101281237
    A=15ft x B=18ft$610.901351305
    A=15ft x B=19ft$643.701431382
    A=15ft x B=20ft$676.501501450
    A=15ft x B=21ft$713.401581527
    A=15ft x B=22ft$746.201651595
    A=15ft x B=23ft$779.001731672
    A=15ft x B=24ft$811.801801740
    A=16ft x B=9ft$323.9072696
    A=16ft x B=10ft$360.8080773
    A=16ft x B=11ft$397.7088851
    A=16ft x B=12ft$434.6096928
    A=16ft x B=13ft$467.401041005
    A=16ft x B=14ft$504.301121083
    A=16ft x B=15ft$541.201201160
    A=16ft x B=16ft$578.101281237
    A=16ft x B=17ft$615.001361315
    A=16ft x B=18ft$647.801441392
    A=16ft x B=19ft$684.701521469
    A=16ft x B=20ft$721.601601547
    A=16ft x B=21ft$758.501681624
    A=16ft x B=22ft$795.401761701
    A=16ft x B=23ft$828.201841779
    A=17ft x B=9ft$348.5077744
    A=17ft x B=10ft$385.4085822
    A=17ft x B=11ft$422.3094909
    A=17ft x B=12ft$459.20102986
    A=17ft x B=13ft$500.201111073
    A=17ft x B=14ft$537.101191150
    A=17ft x B=15ft$578.101281237
    A=17ft x B=16ft$615.001361315
    A=17ft x B=17ft$656.001451402
    A=17ft x B=18ft$688.801531479
    A=17ft x B=19ft$729.801621566
    A=17ft x B=20ft$766.701701643
    A=17ft x B=21ft$807.701791730
    A=18ft x B=10ft$405.9090870
    A=18ft x B=11ft$446.9099957
    A=18ft x B=12ft$487.901081044
    A=18ft x B=13ft$528.901171131
    A=18ft x B=14ft$569.901261218
    A=18ft x B=15ft$610.901351305
    A=18ft x B=16ft$647.801441392
    A=18ft x B=17ft$688.801531479
    A=18ft x B=18ft$729.801621566
    A=18ft x B=19ft$770.801711653
    A=18ft x B=20ft$811.801801740
    A=19ft x B=10ft$430.5095918
    A=19ft x B=11ft$475.601051015
    A=19ft x B=12ft$512.501141102
    A=19ft x B=13ft$557.601241199
    A=19ft x B=14ft$598.601331286
    A=19ft x B=15ft$643.701431382
    A=19ft x B=16ft$684.701521469
    A=19ft x B=17ft$729.801621566
    A=19ft x B=18ft$770.801711653
    A=19ft x B=19ft$815.901811750
    A=20ft x B=11ft$496.101101063
    A=20ft x B=12ft$541.201201160
    A=20ft x B=13ft$586.301301257
    A=20ft x B=14ft$631.401401353
    A=20ft x B=15ft$676.501501450
    A=20ft x B=16ft$721.601601547
    A=20ft x B=17ft$766.701701643
    A=20ft x B=18ft$811.801801740
    A=21ft x B=11ft$524.801161121
    A=21ft x B=12ft$569.901261218
    A=21ft x B=13ft$619.101371324
    A=21ft x B=14ft$664.201471421
    A=21ft x B=15ft$713.401581527
    A=21ft x B=16ft$758.501681624
    A=21ft x B=17ft$807.701791730
    A=22ft x B=12ft$594.501321276
    A=22ft x B=13ft$643.701431382
    A=22ft x B=14ft$692.901541489
    A=22ft x B=15ft$746.201651595
    A=22ft x B=16ft$795.401761701
    * Estimated square foot area of fabric
    ** Estimated Max Pull per corner in a 90mph wind gust

    Right Angle Triangle Shade Sail Commercial 95 Colors

    Aquatic Blue Shade Fabric
    Aquatic Blue
    Brunswick Green Sun Sail
    Brunswick Green
    Cherry Red Shade Cloth
    Cherry red
    Desert Sand Shade Sail
    Desert Sand
    Natural White
    Natural White
    Ochre Red
    Ochre Red
    Navy Blue
    Navy Blue
    Steel Gray
    Steel Gray
    Sky Blue
    Sky Blue
    Gun Metal Gray
    Gun Metal Gray
    Bright Green
    Bright Green
    Royal Purple
    Royal Purple

    Right Angle Triangle Commercial 95 Shade Sails - ID#:BYC-C95RASS
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    Mounting Hardware Pack - Triangle Shade Sail
    Price: $43.99
    Sale Price: $34.95
    Hook - Hook Shade Sail Tensioning  Hardware
    Hook - Hook Shade Sail Tensioning Hardware
    Price: $29.95
    Sale Price: $17.95

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