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Swaying in the Breeze

Rope Hammock
The sway of a hammock in the breeze is one of life’s most comforting activities. It is a natural way to unwind from birth to adulthood. As infants, gentle, hammock-like rocking motions soothe us to sleep. As adults, swaying in a hammock while reading, napping, or relaxing is an ultimate pleasure. Whether between the shade of two trees or supported by a hammock stand, you can add one of our stylish rope or fabric hammocks to your backyard!

Portable Hammocks for Nature Lovers on the Go!

 Portable Hammock


There are many reasons that I love returning to my childhood home to visit my parents. While spending time with them and enjoying their company is the most important part of the visits, relaxing the afternoon away in their hammock is another! They have a large front yard that has the most comfortable hammock – perfect for napping. I have never had the space for one in my own home until recently when I discovered portable hammocks! It is so perfect for my limited space. Whether you have room to hang a hammock or get one built onto a frame, they are light weight, portable, and easy to use. They are great for anyone who loves being outdoors, but has limited space to devote to permanent structures! You will love these!

I Need A Hammock Break

Hammock Break

School starts next week and my children are getting ready with new school supplies and books.  Their new shoes will be free of scuff marks for at least a week and their toes will have some wiggle room for a while.

I have been busy planning carpools, grocery lists and everything in between.  The hustle and bustle of every season is actually exciting because change brings an energy of anticipation.

I plan on taking a long hammock break before I dart off in a million different directions next week.  My backyard is a safe haven for me and I am usually energized when I spend time there.  In fact, a hammock nap is on the top of my list.