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Get Your Family Outside With Murbles!

Murbles Game

Family gatherings offer a fun, bonding experience for family members of every age. For my family, these gatherings often include outdoor games, such as horseshoes or volleyball. This year, I am adding a new game to the mix! The Murbles Game is a great way to get everyone involved and offers both fun and exercise. Murbles requires no set up! You simply open and play! The game is simple enough that even children can understand, but is entertaining enough to keep everyone’s attention. Even if you have trees, rocks, or irregular terrain, you can still play! In fact, these obstacles can even make Murbles more interesting! You can choose from 20 different ball colors to customize the game to your liking. It even makes a great Christmas gift! Friendly, family competition is sure to ensue at your next gathering with the Murbles Game!

Unique Outdoor Games Encourage More Family Time Together

One of my favorite things to do when the weather is pleasant is to herd the family outside for some fun outdoor games.  My preferences, though, are more unusual outdoor games.  I certainly love kicking the soccer ball around and tapping the croquet balls with a mallet, but it’s those less than common outdoor games that really get my family’s attention and keep us together having fun for longer amounts of time.  Like chess, for example.

What’s so unusual about chess?  The chess I’m thinking of has thigh-high sized weatherproof pieces and an enormous chess board that can be easily set up in the backyard or on the patio.   At this size, you can have a truly unique experience with a classic game of strategy.  Outdoor chess is fun to play one on one or in teams, and all family members will get a kick out of working together to defeat the opponents.  With enough people — and some fun costumes — you could even substitute real people for playing pieces.  Now, that’s a unique outdoor game.