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Wishing For Something Special in Your Garden?

Wishing Well

Everyone, at some point, wishes on a star. It is a whimsical and fun way to hope that you get that which you desire. So what do you do during the day? Adding a wishing well to your garden or backyard will ensure that you are ALWAYS able to make that wish! The one in the picture above is so beautiful and versatile. It is made of red cedar that is beautiful as is and unfinished. However, it can also be stained, finished, or painted any way you choose. You could really let your imagination run wild! It has a fully functional crank and handle and has plenty of tub space that is perfect for hiding unsightly objects or adding plants. Wishing wells are also perfect for wedding or anniversary gifts! Don’t you WISH you had one?

Arbors Add Beauty to Any Garden

Garden Arbor

Looking for a fun and functional way to add beauty to your garden? Garden arbors are structures, often made of wood or metal, that serve as an attractive focal point in a backyard or garden. They can be used as a gateway into your garden or create a cozy corner to sit and enjoy your hard work. In order to make the most of the space that you have in your garden, most arbors feature side panels that double as a trellis for climbing plants and vines. Many even offer a bench so that you can relax outdoors. Simply throw on some outdoor pillows and you have a backyard retreat. You don’t have to be a carpenter to have one of these beautiful structures; most come partially pre-assembled and can be put together in under 30 minutes. Fun, functional, and easy…what could be better?

Citronella Lanterns Keep the Bugs Away

Citronella Patio Lantern


If you spend a lot of time outdoors during the summer, especially in the south, you know that mosquitos and other insects can really put a damper on your fun! The perfect solution to pesky night-time insects is to have a source of light that also repels the little pests! Citronella, which comes from the lemon scented leaves of an Asian tropical grass,  has become a popular method of bug repellant and is usually sold in the form of candles, which are a temporary solution and quickly burn away. Why not try a citronella solution that lasts longer and is more visually appealing? Williamsburg Citronella Patio Lanterns are aluminum constructed lanterns that burn citronella liquid paraffin fuel for insect control. Each lamp comes with a fiberglass wick that will last a lifetime and a variety of finishes to choose from. The lanterns also come with planters attached. You can add your favorite flowers or plants and easily make the lanterns a beautiful addition to your garden landscape. You can enjoy beautiful, soft lighting with the added benefit of insect control all year long!

Rock Enclosures Cover Unsightly Items in Your Yard

Rock Enclosures

Many people spend lots of money maintaining their yards. It is truly a beautiful sight to see a well-maintained landscape. However, often times septic systems, electrical transformers, pool pumps, and similar eyesores are unavoidable and distract from the beauty of the surroundings. Rock enclosures are an excellent way to deal with this problem! Rock enclosures look like they sound. They are covering devices that enclose unsightly objects in your back yard so that the object blends in naturally with its surroundings. Rock enclosures are made with a textured material called RealRock™. The gritty, tough, and variegated rock-like surface is astonishingly realistic and blends in with other natural textures. Their commercial grade construction stands up to the elements, and since the color and texture are part of the material itself and not painted on, they will maintain their beauty for years to come. They are available in multiple sizes and colors so you can find one to hide almost anything in your backyard! They are especially beautiful around pools, ponds, and other natural looking water features!

Pool Area Privacy Screens

Privacy Screen

Having space and open areas around your pool is a good idea – lots of room to run and play and plenty of places to relax. However, all that open space can also leave you open to the public’s prying eyes. Nosey neighbors or passers-by will have a full view of your every move. A privacy screen can give you a sense of security and a place to feel free of wandering eyes. Outdoor privacy screens are weatherproof and mildew, UV ,and fade resistant. They are foldable and lightweight making them easy to move.

In addition to protecting you, privacy screens can also be can be used to hide unsightly areas like garbage cans, compost bins, and air conditioning units. They can save you from having to see busy streets, messy yards next door, or other things that obstruct your view. Whether you are using the screens to shield yourself or block an unsightly view, you can rest assured that you will have a beautiful and useful addition to your back yard.

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