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Pool Area Privacy Screens

Privacy Screen

Having space and open areas around your pool is a good idea – lots of room to run and play and plenty of places to relax. However, all that open space can also leave you open to the public’s prying eyes. Nosey neighbors or passers-by will have a full view of your every move. A privacy screen can give you a sense of security and a place to feel free of wandering eyes. Outdoor privacy screens are weatherproof and mildew, UV ,and fade resistant. They are foldable and lightweight making them easy to move.

In addition to protecting you, privacy screens can also be can be used to hide unsightly areas like garbage cans, compost bins, and air conditioning units. They can save you from having to see busy streets, messy yards next door, or other things that obstruct your view. Whether you are using the screens to shield yourself or block an unsightly view, you can rest assured that you will have a beautiful and useful addition to your back yard.

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