A Quick and Easy Outdoor Room Using Outdoor Curtains

I visited my in-laws over the weekend, and I had the opportunity to see the new outdoor curtains they installed on each side of their covered deck.  They chose to install outdoor curtains for reasons of privacy, but the curtains provide an unexpected benefit as well.  The deck has become another room in their home, a living space where my  in-laws retreat for a morning cup of coffee or an afternoon conversation.  The deck itself is not screened in, but the curtains they hung are made of rugged fade-resistant and waterproof Sunbrella fabric and do a surprisingly effective job of shielding the room’s occupants from sun, bugs, and weather.   The curtains improve the look of the deck area, too, making it so much more inviting and comfortable to use.

It is refreshing to know that creating a new outdoor living space doesn’t have to break the bank and doesn’t necessarily require building permits.  A room addition can be as easy as installing outdoor curtains.  The hard part now is trying to decide what color fabric to choose for my own outdoor space.

15 thoughts on “A Quick and Easy Outdoor Room Using Outdoor Curtains”

  1. Chris

    Hi, I have built a pergola on my back patio, but my back yard abuts the power corridor so it’s a high wind area – the wind gets to cross over 100 yards with no windbreak. So I need outdoor curtains with weighted bottoms if they are to be of any use whatsoever. What do you carry with weighted bottoms so the curtains won’t billow out when in use?

    1. Trey Collier

      We have made custom curtains with pockets that you can fill with washers for weights. We have made curtains that mount on top and bottom on Rods. There are many solutions.

  2. Diane

    We don’t know if we want Sunbrella sheers or the drapes. Do the sheers give you shade and UV protection also? We like the feel of sheers. Thank you!

    1. jwharwell

      Hi, the sheer drapes material will not give you the UV protection that the Sunbrella drapes will offer. The rollup shade will all offer a high level of UV protection.

    1. jwharwell

      Hi Elizabeth! We have a few options that would be exactly what you are looking for. Our outdoor curtains are made of Sunbrella fabrics, which blocks 98% of UV rays but is still breathable. We have several rollup window shades that will also work for an awning. If you need more info, give us a call at 888-751-0101. Anyone can help you find the perfect solution.

  3. Patti Shirkey

    We have a screened in deck and we are looking for waterproof curtains that we can either roll down or pull back (tabbed or grommet) to keep rain off….we put up vinyl like tarps in the winter to keep snow out…do you have suggestions or ideas….the screening is sectioned for ease of putting up coverings.

  4. Sandra P.Cousins- Phoenix. ARizona

    Am looking for outdoor drapes with a middle eastern flair. Made from a sun resistant fabric and unique color.

  5. Mark

    Can you send some photos of what the differences are in the “Curtain Bottom Finishes” are?

    Is there anything as a ‘weighted’ bottom finish? Curtains are going up in a windy area and have some some of weight at the bottom will help. Having bottom grommets tying to a rod or hook will not work.

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