Go from Snow-Poke to Speed Demon on the Sledding Hill

Slow Sleds

Winter let-down #22:  Climbing to the top of the sledding hill while wearing 10 pounds of clothing and carrying an awkward sled only to enjoy a paltry 15 foot ride before the sled stops dead in its tracks.  When it seems like everyone else is zooming by, you try to get that trusty old sled going again by digging your hands into the snow on either side of the sled to push yourself along.  Sometimes this works, but many times not.  Time to go inside for hot chocolate.

This winter, change the scenario.  Give yourself the opportunity to be the one zooming down the snowy hill past all the slower sledders, and revel in the excitement that each ride gives you.  Thanks to winter inflatables, your trek to the top of the sledding hill can be less burdensome, and your journey down can be unbelievably fast and fun.  The hot chocolate can wait, and it will taste all the more divine after a day filled with inflatable sledding adventures.


 Snowmobile Rider
Tube  Speedseeker 2 Person Inflatable  Sno Fort

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