Winter Inflatables

Winter Inflatables

Incredible Winter Fun

Be the envy of everyone on the slopes as you zoom by on your new winter inflatable. Not only do these winter inflatables look the coolest, but they offer a smoother and faster ride than most other sleds and inflatables available. Enjoy a ride down the hill all by yourself, or have the ride of a lifetime with a friend. We offer individual sleds or sleds that have room enough for two. No more splinters as you white-knuckle ride that old wooden sled down the hill hoping you can stop at the bottom. And, no more stopping dead in the center of a hill for a disappointing run with that poor quality plastic model from the local big box store. Every ride is a fast and fun adventure! Our winter inflatables have handles for a safer, more enjoyable ride.

Air Flyer Inflatable<BR>Tube

Air Flyer Inflatable

Price: $54.99
Sale Price: $43.95
BackOrdered until September 2012.

Heatseeker Winter<br>Inflatable

Heatseeker Winter

Price: $49.99
Sale Price: $39.95

Rugged Rush Snow <BR>Tube

Rugged Rush Snow

Price: $157.99
Sale Price: $125.95

Sting Ray Snow <br>Tube

Sting Ray Snow

Price: $41.99
Sale Price: $32.95
BackOrdered until September 2012

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