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Rocket Roast Your Turkey!

Turkey Rocket Roaster
Looking for a new way to cook your turkey this holiday season? Try the Turkey Rocket Roaster. This Dutch oven style roaster uses charcoal for cooking and flavor, but is much easier than a grill for prepping a whole turkey. This type of cooking costs 2/3 less than comparable gas and oil cookers. The roasting chamber is large enough to cook a 14 pound turkey in about 2-1/2 hours, but is also great for ribs, pork, seafood, vegetables, and more! You will get a tender, juicy turkey or chicken with maximum flavor in a short time. Great for holidays, camping trips, cookouts, and more.

Smart Solution: Handy Helper for On the Go Cargo

Folding Utility Wagon

How many trips does it take you to get all of your gear from the car to your destination?  If you consistently return to your vehicle more than once to unload cargo, then it’s time to consider bringing along a handy helper.  Whether you’re a parent, a coach, an avid shopper, or a business person who needs supplies and samples always at hand, you can save yourself time, as well as headaches, back aches, and shoulder strain, by loading your belongings into a sturdy folding utility wagon.

The On the Edge Folding Utility Wagon is lightweight, but it’s constructed with solid metal which makes it durable, strong, and able to support up to 150 pounds of groceries, baby gear, garden supplies, sports equipment, and anything else you need to haul.  The wheel base is made with durable steel wheels and real rubber tires for a smooth ride over a variety of surfaces.  The handle is extra long, which prevents the wagon from tipping over and makes quick turns easier to manage.  The wagon is also designed with a no-pinch ball joint in the handle that keeps fingers from getting pinched, a must for protecting the fingers of little helpers who insist upon pulling, too.  The best part is that this utility wagon folds to a mere 8 inches thick, leaving lots of room in the trunk of your car.

No matter what kind of cargo you need to transport, the amount of time and effort required to move it all from point A to point B can be significantly decreased with a handy helper like the On the Edge Folding Utility Wagon.  For anyone who could use a few extra hands, it’s a smart solution.

Unique Infrared Patio Heaters

Umbrella Infrared Patio Heater
If you are looking for a way to add some warmth to your porch or patio this fall and winter, infrared heating is the way to go. These heaters use infrared heat waves to heat the object or material in the path of the heater. In other words, the object is heated directly by the infrared waves, rather than by the surrounding air. You can find infrared heaters that attach to the wall or are freestanding, but one very cool way to use infrared heat is with your patio umbrella! Umbrella infrared patio heaters attach to any standard umbrella center pole and run off of standard household current. The heater does not create any harmful emissions or toxic residuals, making it safe AND effective. It is a stylish and modern way to extend the time that you can spend outdoors this year.

New Gardening and Greenhouse Products

There are several new products to aid in fall and winter growing seasons available at BackyardCity! Check out the cool products below and keep your gardening going for many more months!

Greenhouse Heater

  • Greenhouse Heater – This heater provides 5,120 BTU’s of fan forced heat throughout your greenhouse to your plants. It has three settings, a safety tip over switch, automatic reset, & thermal cut-out. It comes with a 6 foot cord to make it easy to position anywhere in your greenhouse.

Grow Deck

  • Grow Deck – A grow deck is like a traditional cold frame, but raised off the ground. They provide the perfect ventilation and protection against the elements. It provides comfortable access for all ages and offers storage underneath for making efficient use of small spaces.

  • Grow Station – Even though the Grow Station is not available until late October, you can pre-order now to beat the high demand. The Grow Station offers a unique combination of a cold frame, a workbench and a storage unit. Put plants at a comfortable working height for potting, and use as a cold frame for starting and protecting precious seedlings. Perfect for storing all of your tools and accessories to keep your patio garden tidy. The sturdy galvanized steel shelves are adjustable for ergonomic placement, and both the lid and doors hinge open for accessibility. Crystal clear SnapGlas panels on the lid and doors allow 90% light transmission.

Folding Picnic Tables: For Tailgating and More!

Football Folding Picnic Table
Picnic tables are a great way to provide ample seating to your outdoor events. Picnic tables, however, are traditionally stationary.  How can you enjoy the benefits of extra seating and the ease of portability? Folding picnic tables! They are available in many designs, including the football folding picnic table shown above, which is perfect for tailgating. I recently spent a beautiful afternoon at The Grove at Ole Miss, rated the top tailgating school in the country by numerous publications. My friends and I enjoyed tailgating and put our folding picnic table to great use! Our table also recently came in handy when hosting my daughter’s outdoor birthday party (below). It provided a place to open presents, eat, and give the children a place to relax after lots of playing. They are perfect for adults and children and support up to 250 lbs. per seat. They are available in green, red, black, and blue. In addition to the football table top, you can also choose a poker design (perfect for on the go card games), soccer design, and plain table. They are easy to carry, sturdy, and fun!