Designer Protective Firewood Rack Covers

Designer Protective Firewood Rack Covers

Unique Weather Resistant Protective Covers

Keep all of your firewood dry and ready to use with one of these unique Designer Firewood Rack Covers. Velcro Edged Flaps on each side make it easy to get to your firewood and reclose the cover after you have gathered what you need. Durable, Heavy Duty and weather resistant, these attractive covers will protect your outdoor Log Rack from the elements and provide a truly unique look.

The unique, designer, protective covers by Two Dogs Designs offers you a great way to protect and keep your furniture and other outdoor items looking new and in good condition. A leading manufacturer and designer of protective covers these unique looking covers are weather resistant, highly durable and have a wonderful visual appeal. From BBQ grill covers to Log Rack covers it is easy to find what you need with such a large variety to choose from. These covers are made of 600 denier polyester and are weather resistant. Velcro tab closures protect against damage from wind and dirt while the PVC lining gives you added protection for whatever you may be covering. These covers are built for extreme weather conditions so no matter what part of the country you live in or what time of year it is you can rest assured your patio furniture and outdoor accessories will be protected.

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