HotSpot Square Fire Pit
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HotSpot Square Fire Pit

Durable and Attractive Fire Pit

The HotSpot Square Fire Pit is the perfect backyard fire pit, offering the finest in British design and quality. Made of pressed steel and stainless steel, this sturdy and attractive fire pit is built to last. The Square Fire Pit has a 26" x 26" steel fire box with stainless steel legs. It also has a one piece dome spark screen. Bring a unique combination of beautiful lighting, cozy warmth, and a functional fire pit to your outdoor space with this unique fire pit.

CAUTION: It is not recommended to use this fire pit on a wooden or other combustible surface or any surface that is not entirely resistant to high heat. However, if you intend to use this item on a wooden deck, other combustible surface, or any surface that is not entirely resistant to high heat, you must use a non-flammable and heat-resistant material, such as a Deck Protect Mat, concrete pavers, brick, or stone between the fire pit and the surface.

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Features of HotSpot Square
Fire Pit
  • Provides atmospheric lighting and heat
  • One piece dome fire screen with high temperature paint
  • 26" x 26" steel fire box
  • Stainless steel legs
  • Dimensions-26" L x 26" W x 21.67" H
  • Weight - Approximately 34 lbs.

  • This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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