Sun Ray Style Chiminea
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Sun Ray Style Chiminea

Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

Add a ray of sunshine to your patio with the Sun Ray Style Chiminea from The Blue Rooster Company. The Sun Ray Chiminea is a small body chiminea modeled after our traditional large chimineas. This small chiminea handles up to 10" fire logs, lights easy and burns clean. Small enough to box up for a day at the beach. The neck flips upside down and slides int the top opening on the body for easy transport. The Sun Ray Chiminea is perfect for your travel camper, small patio or backyard garden. You can even bring it indoors for a unique candleholder! It makes the perfect gift for anyone! Available in Charcoal color only.

Protect your decking or patio from sparks or embers by placing the fire resistant chiminea pad under your outdoor fireplace. Made of flexible, fire resistant woven fiberglass material and mounted to a tough latex rubber backing, this is the perfect accessory for your new chiminea.

Round:Measures 36" x 36"
Half-Round:Measures 36" x 36"

Features of Sun Ray Style Chiminea
  • Non-rusting solid cast aluminum alloy body
  • Safe clean burning single opening traditional design
  • Removeable rain lid
  • Removeable neck
  • Neck flips upside down and fits inside body for easy transport
  • Cast iron bottom grate to support wood fire
  • Available in Charcoal Color
  • Stand Included
  • Dimensions: 33" x 14"
  • Approx Weight: 30lbs

  • This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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