VersaMist Outdoor Fan
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VersaMist Outdoor Fan

Fan with Cooler and Misting Pump System

The VersaMist Portable Misting Fan System will keep you cool when the temperatures get hot. This portable misting system has a 3-speed motor and can be attached to a water reservoir so you can use it almost anywhere; pools, construction sites, camping, picnics, on the patio, or at the game. It has a 25 foot outdoor rated power cord with integrated GFCI. The pump is rated at 1 gallon per minute output housed in a heavy duty enclosure with a power cut off tip switch.

The fan assembly includes a white powder coated fan mounted to a yoke that is attached to the pump enclosure. The patented hub increases the air flow from the fan and releases mist in the "sweet spot" of the fans air stream. The mist hub has four .012 nozzles. One extra nozzle and two plugs are also included. Designed for sporting, commercial, and industrial use.

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Ideal Cooling and Misting Applications: Rental , Outdoor Retail , Fire Departments/Rescue Squads , Pools , Patios and Decks, Construction and Job Sites ,Sporting Events, Tent Rental, Camping/Resorts.

Lightweight, but Heavy Duty Assembly
Heavy Duty Enclosure

Easy to Fill 10 Gallon Reservoir Using a Garden Hose
10 Gallon Reservoir

Versa Mist Misting Fan
Temps Up to 30° Cooler

Features of VersaMist Fan with Cooler
  • Dimensions: 24" W x 42" H x 18" D
  • Cools approximately 200 square feet for approxiamately 5 hours
  • Can reduce air temperature by as much as 30 degrees
  • Mist pump rated at 1 gallon per minute output with 50psi
  • Heavy duty enclosure with power cutoff tip switch
  • 10 gallon water reservoir
  • Includes 25' outdoor-rated power cord with integrated GFCI with power cut-off tip switch.
  • Fan assembly includes white powder-coated steel guard mounted on a yoke attached to the pump enclosure, and mist hub with four .012 nozzles and includes one extra nozzle and two plugs
  • Total required amps for fan and mist pump: 2.15 amps
  • Motor Specs: 168 watts, 120v, 1.45 amps, 3-speed

  • This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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