Stay cool in your backyard or patio on the hottest of summer days with an affordable and reliable Cool-Off™ Misting System. These revolutionary misting systems from Cool-Off™ can reduce the temperature of any designated area by an amazing 20-35 degrees.

The advantage of the Cool-Off™ Misting Systems is the patented ceramic MicroJet Nozzles which provide the finest mist in the industry at only 1-3 microns in size. The mist evaporates almost immediately to create a cool and refreshing breeze, not a damp one! Even in humid climates, the cooling effects of the Cool-Off™ Misting System are unmatched.

Virtually maintenance free, these simple to install misting systems arrive complete with everything you need to cool your patio or backyard. The Cool-Off™ systems include filtration, anti-scale cartridges, mounting hardware, 100 feet of high pressure tubing, cutters, nickel plated slip lock fittings, and all the little things that avoid extra trips to the hardware store.

Each Cool-Off™ Misting Fan has 3 adjustable speeds, is exceptionally quiet, and mounts just about anywhere. Backyards and patios are not the only places where Cool-Off™ Misting Systems are welcome. Business owners can benefit from installing these money saving, employee-loving, and business-boosting systems in outdoor restaurants, work out facilities, dry cleaning establishments, and mechanic bays, just to name a few.

Last Updated: 02/16/2024 11:40 AM - ID:1374