Son of Hibachi Grilling Systems

Son of Hibachi Grilling Systems

Portable Charcoal Grill

Son of Hibachi is a distinctive and versatile grilling system. Easy to clean, fast to start, self cleaning, and self extinguishing all in one. Son of Hibachi grill has over 170 square inches of cooking space and can be used as an oven to cook corn on the cob, baked potatoes, and skewered vegetables.

Here's how it works: Load both sides of the barbecue with charcoal and fold it up like a briefcase. Using the ash drawer at the bottom, place a couple of charcoals or anything flammable and ignite the drawer. Son of Hibachi has an efficient chimney effect which will have you ready to cook in about seven minutes.

To clean the grill, fold it up like a briefcase and let the existing heat clean the cast iron grills using the chimney effect for about three minutes. Ashes will drop into the lower tray for easy and safe disposal. Next time you are ready to cook, it will be clean and ready to go.

The convenient Snuff Out Pouch is ready to hold your grill even while it is still hot. This pouch is constructed of a fire retardant material capable of withstanding a temperature up to 1,100 degrees.

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