MVP 9212 Grill Package by Party King
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MVP 9212 Grill Package by Party King

Hitch-Mounted Portable Swing Out Grill

The MVP-9212 MVP Grill Package will allow you to drive-in, unlatch, swing-out and be cooking in less than three minutes with our extraordinary, hitch-mounted portable Swing'n Smoke™ MVP Grill Series. There are three great, value-added, portable, propane grill packages from which to choose. All Party King® tailgate grill packages incorporate the same high-quality, 3-burner, stainless steel, MVP Grill that utilizes the same standard LP tank connection that can be powered either by an LP tank or our highly portable, space-saving Double Barrel Fuel System/ Twin Valve Manifold!!

MVP-9212:  MVP Grill, VERSArm HD, Ice Chest Tray, Plus Backyard Grill Stand so your grill can double as a backyard grill, as well as, provide a rolling caddie to store your grill on.

  • High-quality MVP Grill with 3 stainless steel burners

  • VERSArm® HD Swing-out Carrier System

  •  Double-Barrel Fuel System™

  •  Handy Ice Chest Tray

  • Sturdy Backyard Grill Stand with casters that lets you quickly transfer the grill from your vehicle to this portable grill platform for convenient entertaining on your home patio.

(Does not include ice chest or propane bottle)


This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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