Range Top Grill Pan
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Range Top Grill Pan

Portable Grill

Do you dread the outdoors but love the taste of grilled cooking? Here it is, a portable range top Grill pan. The smart design will let your food taste like you grilled on the big grill. If you like the taste of barbaque, but hate the heat to cook on the outside grill, then this grill is for you.

The unique design of the indoor grill allows for true open-flame cooking while keeping the mess of barbecuing within the grill. The Range Top grill is round in diameter and works on any standard, raised electric, gas or propane stove. The grill has a round opening on the bottom that allows for the grill to sit over the burner to produce heat. The added heat shield helps to evenly cook the food and deflect grease that drops into a trough to prevent flarebacks. As the fat drips off the meat it hits the shield and helps to evenly cook the food. The Range Top grill works best with steaks, chicken and fish.

The Range Top Grill uses the same durable porcelain coated grate design, enameled steel firebox and cover as the Minden Master Gas Grill for that heavy-duty feel without overwhelming your cooking space in the kitchen. The silicon handles are removable allowing the grill to be cleaned in any dishwasher or self-cleaning oven for a low maintenance approach to everyday cooking.

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Features of Minden Master Range Top Portable Grill
  • Provides outdoor BBQ Grill performance indoors.
  • Easy to clean in dishwasher or self-cleaning oven.
  • Heavy-duty porcelain-enameled steel, and durable silicon handles.
  • Great for steaks, burgers, chicken and fish.
  • Works on most gas or electric ranges.*
  • Weight 11.00 lbs
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Not for use with ceramic cook-tops.
  • Exterior ventilation is required.

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