CanCooker Outdoor Food Steamer
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CanCooker Outdoor Food Steamer

Great for Camping, Tailgating, and Picnics

The new CanCooker revolutionizes the way to prepare great meals in the great outdoors. The CanCooker steam cooks food to perfection. The CanCooker is made of heavy-duty aluminum, and the lid has a heavy- duty, air tight rubber seal to hold steam in where it belongs. The CanCooker is easy to use, clean, transport, and store.


  • STEP ONE: SELECT YOUR INGREDIENTS. The beauty of the CanCooker is that you can prepare just about anything your imagination can cook up! Place the food items you want to steam cook into the CanCooker. Add 12-ounces of water or beer, and seal the lid using the dual riveted clamps on the side of the pot.
  • STEP TWO: PLACE CANCOOKER ON HEAT SOURCE. Once your food has been placed in the cooker and the lid has been sealed, place the CanCooker onto your heat source (campfire, turkey burner, stove top), and let stand until steam is visibly exiting the hole located on the lid. Allow the CanCooker to continue boiling for an additional 40 minutes. Remove the CanCooker from its heat source and let stand for an additional 10 minutes. NOTE: The pot and its contents will be HOT. Never touch any portion of the pot or its handles without oven mitts.
  • STEP THREE: REMOVE FOOD AND SERVE. After standing for approximately 10 minutes, carefully disengage the clamps and place food into a deep serving plate or aluminum foil-type serving container. CAUTION: Lid and contents will be HOT! NOTE: Always use oven mitts when handling. Now, simply place your freshly prepared, steam cooked meal on a plate and enjoy! Season to taste.
  • STEP FOUR: CLEAN AND STORE. The CanCooker cleans easily with detergent soap and water and stores conveniently in its very own storage container. We recommend to lightly rub the bottom and sides of the CanCooker with bar soap prior to placing on its heat source. This will help to easily remove the black soot which may develop during the cooking process.HINT! Lightly spray the inside of the cooking chamber with vegetable spray before placing food into pot. This will aid in the clean-up process once the meal is completed.

Features of Can Cooker Outdoor Cooking Device
  • NET WEIGHT - 4 pounds (64-ounces empty)
  • CONSTRUCTION - Heavy-duty one piece aluminum construction
  • HEIGHT - Approximately 16 inches high
  • LID/OPENING - 10 Inch diameter with rubber seal and vent hole
  • HEAT SOURCE - Coal, wood, propane, natural gas
  • campfire, turkey burner, RV stove top
  • STORAGE - Comes with its own convenient storage bag
  • CLEAN-UP - Cleans easily with detergent soap and water
  • WARRANTY - 100% limited 1 year replacement guarantee

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