Rion Greenhouses

Rion Greenhouses

Hobby and Commercial Greenhouses

Many gardeners of all skill levels dream of cultivating and nurturing plants in a greenhouse of their own, but actually constructing a decent sized greenhouse can make that dream difficult to achieve…unless you choose a Rion Greenhouse.

Rion Greenhouses are different in many ways. Made from no-maintenance resins, these greenhouses outlast wood and never require painting. Rion Greenhouses are compact enough to fit in most backyards, but they are roomy enough to house your prized collection of herbs, vegetables, flowers, and plants. These greenhouses offer more headroom and growing area than a standard A-framed greenhouse. Modular construction allows for easy expansion of your greenhouse -- when you are ready to expand the size of your Rion Greenhouse, your greenhouse will be ready, too. No special tools are required…Rion Greenhouses can be assembled in a single afternoon!

More reasons to choose a Rion Greenhouse:

  • Durability
    • Guaranteed to stand up to the toughest weather conditions
    • Framed with UV resistant hunter green PVC
    • Held together with high impact, press fit resin connectors
    • 4mm twin wall polycarbonate glazing can withstand 80 mph winds and 1100 lbs of snow
  • Innovation
    • Stronger, lighter materials save you money on shipping
    • Assembly is a breeze -- no special tools or contractors are necessary
    • Modular construction allows you to add sections at any time to the greenhouse to increase its length
  • Simplicity
    • Step by step assembly instructions are provided with every greenhouse
    • Accessories, like a Heavy Duty base plate and automatic vent window opener, are available to make customization a snap
  • Warranty
    • Each Rion Greenhouse comes with a 7 year manufacturer's warranty!

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