Rion Greenhouse Accessories

Rion Greenhouse Accessories

Customize Your Rion Hobby Greenhouse

Rion Greenhouse Accessories will enhance the gardening pleasure you experience within your Rion Greenhouse. By customizing your Rion Hobby Greenhouse, you can create a unique and comfortable work space that meets all of your gardening needs year round.

By replacing a single panel in the back wall of your Rion Greenhouse with one of Rion's Louver Windows, you can increase air circulation and ventilation. Increase air circulation even further by adding a Roof Vent. One roof vent per 4 feet in greenhouse length is recommended for the best possible ventilation. Each Roof Vent comes with a lever that can be manually adjusted as temperatures change. Add an Automatic Roof Window Opener to your Roof Vent and forget about ever adjusting the vent opening again! The Automatic Roof Window Opener opens and closes the Roof Vent for you as the temperature changes.

Ensure that your Rion Greenhouse stays firmly in one place throughout the year and through a variety of weather conditions by anchoring the greenhouse frame to the ground with one of Rion's optional Base Kits. In addition, as your greenhouse garden flourishes, you will probably need more room. No problem! Just determine how much extra space you will require and add a Double Extension Kit for every additional 4 feet 4 inches that you need. Don't forget to add a Base Extension Kit, too, so that your newly expanded Rion Greenhouse remains completely and safely anchored.

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