Greenhouse Juliana Compact Plus 9.9
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Greenhouse Juliana Compact Plus 9.9

Greenhouse Kit, Aluminum Greenhouse

The compact Plus Greenhouse series features a stronger aluminum profile and a thicker 6mm polycarbonate panel than the Basic Greenhouse series. The Compact Plus Greenhouses are wider than the Compact series and are designed for the serious gardener who insists on the best quality at an affordable price. The Compact Greenhouses give you the same high quality, but are a wider greenhouse, which means more gardening area. The 9.9 Compact Greenhouse features 7'3" of head room, 4 single vent windows and a gasket system, which holds the polycarbonate panels tightly in place without the use of silicon or clips. This greenhouse is available in an aluminum or powder coated green finish and is backed with a 12 year warranty.


To achieve maximum efficiency, you should place your greenhouse where it will receive at least six hours of direct sunlight during the winter months. A good site for any greenhouse would also be sheltered from high winds, with the door opposite the sternest winds, and have the length of the greenhouse run east and west.

Features of Compact Plus 9.9 Greenhouse
  • Dimensions:9'1"W x 12'2"L x 7'3"H
  • 4 single vent windows
  • 6mm double wall, unbreakable polycarbonate panels
  • 4ft high side walls
  • 7'3" peak
  • Available in aluminum or powder coated green frame
  • 12 year warranty

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