Greenhouse Juliana Basic 450
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Greenhouse Juliana Basic 450

Basic Greenhouse

An extraordinary Greenhouse for the starting gardener. The midsize Basic 450 Greenhouse is a little larger than the Basic 300 Greenhouse and is also an ideal greenhouse for the first time buyer or gardener. This greenhouse has no clips or silicone, giving it a clean design and look. The Basic Greenhouse series features all aluminum framing with 4mm Polycarbonate panels and a sliding door for easy accessibility. These Greenhouses are ideal for starting seedlings, plants, vegetables and wintering plants during the cold season.


To achieve maximum efficiency, you should place your greenhouse where it will receive at least six hours of direct sunlight during the winter months. A good site for any greenhouse would also be sheltered from high winds, with the door opposite the sternest winds, and have the length of the greenhouse run east and west.

Features of Basic 450 Greenhouse
  • Dimensions: 6'6"W x 7'4"L x 6'6"H
  • Aluminum frame construction with gutters
  • 4mm, double wall unbreakable polycarbonate panels
  • 2 ft. wide sliding door with rollers
  • 1 roof vent window
  • Polycarbonate panels enclosed in the framework
  • No silicone needed
  • 12 year warranty

  • This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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