Portopong Floating Pong Table
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Portopong Floating Pong Table

Portable Party Pong Table and Pool Float

If you want to liven up a pool party, then the Portopong Floating Pong Table is a perfect choice! Portopong is the world's first inflatable pong table. It is 3 feet wide and 6 feet long and constructed of heavy vinyl, so it holds up during rough play. Portopong uses recessed cup holders. This offers the best protection against the elements while floating in the pool and when playing outside or indoors. Plus, the recessed cup holders ensure your cups will stay in perfect alignment each time. Other brands use a webbing system inside a triangular cavity. Though this is effective when a full rack is in place, it isn't as effective when you have cups in random spots.

During the manufacturing process, a table is randomly chosen and inflated 100 times to make sure that the seams hold air and you get the best quality tables. Portopong features two air valves. One you can blow up by mouth and the other you can use an air pump to inflate in about 2 minutes. The air valves are reinforced to ensure that when you inflate the table the valve doesn't fall off or tear.

Other brands claim they have a superior product -- the truth is in the details. For example, a Portopong table weighs 6lbs compared to other brands which weigh only 4lbs or 2lbs and cost the same as the sturdier Portopong. Portopong is constructed from the thickest vinyl, similar to the high quality materials used to make air beds. Additionally, Portopong features 4 extra reinforced grommets that will allow you to tie your table down, suspend it, or anchor it while playing.

Recessed Cup Holders

Heavy Duty Grommets

Multiple Ways to Play

Features of Portopong Floating Pong Table
  • Included with your floating beer pong table: 4 pieces of rope, 2 repair patches, 4 grommets for hanging action or to tie your table down
  • 22 cup holders (10 recessed cups for stability and 1 Social/Rinse Cup on each side)
  • Inflates to 6 feet long x 3 feet wide x 4 inches tall
  • Quick inflate/deflate valve and regular blow valve
  • Made with 5lbs of the strongest vinyl for rough play
  • Designed to hold up to 20 oz cups
  • Includes instructions and rules sheet
  • Available in Red, White and Blue Only

  • This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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