The Beach Umbrella - Fishing Anchor
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The Beach Umbrella - Fishing Anchor

Beach Umbrella Accessory

Designed for beach umbrellas and medium-sized fishing rods, these anchor spikes contain a hybrid combination of commercial materials making it the "Ultimate" umbrella and fishing anchor for your next trip to the beach. You can also use these to anchor beach volleyball poles, tetherball poles, banner or flag poles and dog hitching posts using one anchor for each pole. With an exclusive "Driveweight Action", these spikes install with one hand in less than 30 seconds. Watch this YouTube video to see how they work. Created and manufactured by Beach Mon Enterprises, these anchors are designed to be used in sand only. Stabilizing fins on the rigid base keeps your beach umbrella stable in the sand even in the wind. Spikes are made with a carbon steel driveweight and a durable hi-nickel zinc coating. Each spike has a protective hand guard ring, and a large, ergonomic knob that holds the umbrella securely in place. They hold umbrella poles up to 1-9/16 inches, measure 27 inches by 3-3/8 inches and weigh 3.75 pounds each. Please note the "Ultimate" Surf Rod Anchor is recommended for the larger surf rods of serious fishermen.

Features of The Beach Umbrella & Fishing Anchor
  • One hand installation takes less than 30 seconds.
  • Stabilizing fins on a rigid base for Ultimate stability.
  • Should be used ONLY in sand.
  • Upper shaft has hi-strength for use in high winds.
  • Top has reel notch to secure medium fishing rods.
  • Driveweight is carbon steel with powder coat finish.
  • Large ergonomic knob holds umbrella securely.
  • When not in use, lock pin secures driveweight.
  • Holds poles up to 1-9/16 inches.

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