Sandbox Kits - Build your own Sandbox - DIY

Sandbox Kits - Build your own Sandbox - DIY

Simple Sandbox Kit for Kids or Toddlers - Covers too

Children sandboxes have been a classic childhood play time. With these sandbox kits, your children can spend hours using their imaginations to build, sculpt, and construct all kinds of creative and original castles using nothing more than sand toys and play sand. Having a sandbox is like having your own backyard beach.

We offer a wide variety of sandbox kits, so you can have a simple sandbox or or DIY build a more elaborate covered wooden sand box with a vinyl top. No matter the type of sandbox you choose, your kids will enjoy hours of fun in the sand.

Sandbox Games & Activities

  • Sandbox Treasure hunt
    Bury some small toys, trinkets, painted rocks or even packaged snacks for kids to find. For little older children, give them a checklist, so they can find them all.
  • Sandbox Toys
    Bring out the old cookware, and plastic containers. Why not? Cheaper than buying plastic sandbox toys. Let kids cook up something with their imagination? Give them some old pie containers, cookie cutters, rolling pins and other things you no longer use. Let them add water and see what they make!
  • Build a sandcastle
    No need to make a trip to the beach. Fill up buckets or plastic containers with water. Crate a unique sandcastles. See who can make the biggest.
  • Construction site
    Dig roads and tunnels that children can explore with toy cars and trucks. Encourage them to use your sandbox accessories to build obstacles.
  • Paint the Sand
    Fill a spray bottle with water, food coloring and a couple of tablespoons of cornstarch. Shake well and let them make a Rembrandt. The colors are safe and will wash off with water.

Covered Sandboxes

A covered sandbox helps keep the friendly neighborhood animals or pets from doing their business in the sandbox. It also helps keep falling leaves and debris from contaminating the play sand. Read Maintain a Safe and Healthy Sandbox.

Sandbox Play Sand

Don't just use any kind of sand. Yes, some sand is safer than others to use and the prices are not that much more.

  • Play Sand
    - This is the typical sand you would normally think of in a sandbox. It was been washed and sifted into similar sized grains and the grains have been smoothed by tumbling over time.
  • Jurassic Sand
    - Harder to find, but a neat alternative to play sand. It has similar properties as play sand except that it is has a deep ochre color, hand washed, dust free and environmentally friendly.

Sandbox Safety

  • Teach children not to put their hands in their mouth or to eat the sand
  • Wash kids hands after playing in the sandbox
  • Adult supervision is needed for Toddlers or younger when playing in the sandbox
  • Keep leaves, sticks and other debris out of the sandbox. Wash the sand 1 to 2 times per year.

Covered Sandbox Kit 5x5
Covered Sandbox Kit 5x5
Price: $135.00
Sale Price: $109.95
Exaco Felix Sandbox
Exaco Felix Sandbox
Price: $179.99
Sale Price: $145.99

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