Disc Swing
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Disc Swing

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Polyethylene molded seat shaped like a disk. Eight feet of five eighths inch nylon rope. Swing is designed to have the rope to be fed through a 3/4in vertical hole in a cross beam, accessory arm, or wooden swing beam, and secured with a stevedore knot.

NOTE: Due to our recent tests, we no longer recommend that a spring clip be used to mount the Daisy Disc to a swing hanger or any other device. There is a dangerous tendency for the rope to slip off of the metal spring clip which could cause injury to anyone using the daisy disc. Therefore, we recommend that it be secured as stated in the first paragraph above.

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Features of Disc Swing
  • Strong polyethylene 11" diameter
  • 1" sturdy thick molded seat
  • Eight feet of 5/8" nylon rope
  • Longer Rope available / $1.50 per foot
  • Available in Green, Red, Blue or Yellow
  • Weight Limit 50 lbs.

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