Premier Custom Solar Shades

Premier Custom Solar Shades

Roll Up Custom Sun Shades

The Ultimate in Sun Control for Windows, Patios, and More!  Our Premier Custom Roll Up Sun Shades come with a coordinated valance and have a continuous loop chain with a clutch control to keep the shade at the height you want.

Coolaroo Exterior Window Shades are the ideal product for reducing temperature within your home. Made from Coolaroo's unique knitted all weather fabric, these exterior window shades block up to 80% of the sun's UV rays yet still allow air to flow through. This breathable fabric not only significantly reduces temperatures behind the window shade, but still allows just the right amount of light transmission to ensure you can always see what's happening outside.

Features & Benefits
  • Blocks Up to 60% of the Sun's Rays - 80% UV Protection
    Solar Shades eliminate many of the sun's harmful rays with a specially designed fabric. It also protects your furnishings from harmful UV rays while reducing heat and glare! 
  • Cuts the Sun's Heat
    Our fabric stops the sun's heat before it strikes your window, thus reducing the heat transfer. As a result, your home or business stays cooler.  Reduces room temperature up to 15%, saves energy, saves dollars.
  • Blocks the Sun, Not the View
    Protection from prying eyes is an additional benefit of our Custom Sun Shade fabric, allowing you the utmost in daytime privacy (under most conditions). You can see out, but they can't see in! This is not a "blackout" shade; light will come through. 
  • All shades are measured from Outside Bracket to Outside Bracket.  Brackets are universal.  They work for ceiling (top mount), wall (side mount), or inside mount (like between posts). You will need 2-1/4" tall x 3" away from a wall or ceiling surface to mount brackets.
  • Cloth width will be slightly less than Bracket to Bracket measurement by:
         2-1/2" less if width measurement is 48" or less
         2 3/4" less if width measurement is over 48"
  • Continuous Loop Chain or Crank Lift.  
  • Clutch Control   The Lift Clutch control can be mounted on either side of the shade as it is interchangeable.
  • The fabric can be configured to com off the front or back of the roll.
  • Clutch, idle end, brackets, and bottom rail are designed to compliment cloth color. 
  • Pattern of weave is vertical unless shade's length is over 96".  If length is over 96", pattern is then turned horizontally.
  • 5 inches of cloth is automatically added to length to allow shade cloth to remain wrapped around tube. If shade cloth measures more than 96" in width, maximum length can only be 96". After production, actual cloth length will be 94" (without allowing cloth to be wrapped around tube).
  • Shade cloth is made from a single piece of fabric.   No Seams!
  • Valances are color matched to the fabric as closely as possible - No special order colored valances are available.
  • 4 Year Warranty on the Fabric, Hardware, & Mechanicals 
  • View our Solar Sun Shade Gallery that shows close-ups of different features.

    Premier Sun Shade Fabrics and Colors - 80% UV Block

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    Premier Solar Sun Shade Prices

    Length <=24in <=48in <=72in <=96in <=120in
    <=72in $84.00 $102.00 $130.00 $159.00 $262.00
    <=96in $87.00 $111.00 $146.00 $181.00 $283.00
    <=120in $92.00 $121.00 $169.00 $204.00 N/A
    <=144in $97.00 $132.00 $192.00 $228.00 N/A

    * Note: Minimum Shade Width is 12 inches.

    Solar Sun Shade Shipping Time

    Lead time to ship will be 3 to 6 weeks depending on the season. Shipping will take 2-10 business days after lead time.

    All custom solar shades are made to your specifications.  Therefore, all sales are final. No refunds or returns can, or will, be accepted.

    Click below on the shade width size you are interested, fill out the information, and add the item to your shopping cart.

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