Square Cedar Planter Box

Square Cedar Planter Box

Planter Boxes for Container Gardening

You don't have to have a large yard in order to create a beautiful garden. Even if your home is equipped with only a small patio, you'll find room for one of these Square Cedar Planter Boxes. These Cedar Planter Boxes are decorative, yet extremely functional. We offer 3 sizes of Square Raised Planter Boxes, and 3 sizes of Square Planter Boxes that sit directly on your deck or lawn.

Square Cedar Planter Boxes make convenient container gardens and are perfect for homeowners with limited space. Raised Planter Boxes are an excellent choice particularly for gardeners who have a hard time bending over and kneeling on the ground for traditional gardening.

The Raised Square Cedar Planter Boxes are ideal, too, for homeowners whose yards are frequently visited by rabbits, deer, and other plant loving animals. When you plant your garden in a Raised Planter Box, damage to plants from wildlife can be eliminated, and you can keep your herbs, vegetables, and flowers right outside the back door for easy access.

Made in the USA by individuals with disabilities. Cedar Creek Illinois, Inc. (CCI). CCI is a for-profit subsidiary of Knox County Council for Developmental Disabilities, Inc. (kccdd.com). CCI was developed to provide work and career opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Individuals are assisted in becoming self-supporting citizens who can contribute their talents, skills, and labor to the communities in which they live.

  • Made of Western Red Cedar, which is naturally insect and weather resistant
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Assembly hardware included
  • Easy 20 minute assembly (approximate)
  • Easy to follow instructions included.

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