Privacy Screens

Privacy Screens

Escape the Peeping Eyes of Neighbors or Passers-By

Wanting to enjoy your deck, balcony, pool or hot tub but the lack of privacy from your neighbors that prevents you from it? An outdoor Privacy Screen can provide you with some personal space away from the peeping eyes of neighbors or passers-by.

As well as providing additional privacy, an outdoor Privacy Screen can be used to hide those unsightly areas like the garbage, compost bins, and even air conditioning units. A Privacy Screen can also save you from having to view the busy street, messy yards next door or towers that may be obstructive.

There are several different frame colors to choose from and 8 different color fabrics. The Sunsational Privacy Screens have a powder coated steel frame that comes in 2 decorative styles with a variety of marine grade polyester panel fabric colors to choose from.

Most of our Privacy Screens fold up for easy storage or travel and will make a beautiful addition to any yard, patio, deck or home.

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