Kettler Rectangle Mesh Patio Tables

Kettler Rectangle Mesh Patio Tables

Made in Germany by Kettler® International, Inc.

An outdoor patio or dining table should be rugged enough to withstand not only the harshest weather conditions, but all the heavy serving dishes, decorations, and elbows that would be expected from a successful outdoor dinner party or gathering. Rugged is not the only ingredient that makes the best kind of outdoor patio table - appearance certainly matters, too. When you select one of Kettler® Rectangle Mesh Top Wrought Iron Patio Tables as the foundation for your outdoor patio furniture set, you get rugged durability as well as timeless beauty and elegance that will complement any outdoor decor.

The Kettler® name is synonymous with superior quality, value, and innovative design. These Rectangle Mesh Top Wrought Iron Patio Tables are no exception. Every one of Kettler® Mesh Top Wrought Iron Tables has a unique and extraordinarily smooth finish that is completely weatherproof and that resists fading, peeling, scratching, and chipping. The exclusive dark, iron gray coating on each table is 8 times thicker than a standard powder coating and 15 times thicker than a paint coating. Kettler® Wrought Iron table frames and finish are guaranteed for 5 years against rust. In addition, each table has tubular steel frame legs for lightweight durability, and the integrated floor levelers allow for easy adjustment on uneven floors. No more wobbly tables!

The Kettler® Rectangle Mesh Top Wrought Iron Patio Tables come in two sizes - 35 inches by 57 inches, and 42 inches by 75 inches. Each table comes with a center hole for your patio umbrella.

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