Tailgating Recipes Sure To Be Devoured!

It’s officially tailgating season…and it’s about time! The first game was a success with great food and a fun atmosphere. While our team might not win every game, we never lose a party! We cooked the following recipe for this week’s game, and it was a HUGE success. The gumbo-esque recipe was made using the CanCooker Outdoor Food Steamer. It is the perfect tailgating accessory. It has a heavy-duty air tight rubber seal, to hold steam in where it belongs and cook food to perfection. The CanCooker is easy to use, clean, transport and store. You add your ingredients, place on a heat source, and cook to perfection. The shrimp and sausage supper was the perfect meal for an afternoon of tailgating and was enjoyed by all. We hope that you love this recipe from the CanCooker website as much as we did! Happy tailgating!



 2 pounds new potatoes, quartered 

1-2 onions, quartered 

12 half ears of corn, placed on end 

2 lemons cut in half

1-2 pounds of large, fresh un-pealed shrimp 

1 package of kielbasa sausage, whole

4-3 oz. packages of shrimp or crab seasoning

CanCooker All Purpose Seasoning 

1-stick of butter 1 or 2 12 oz. liquid (water or beer)


First, place in the CanCooker ears of corn standing on end. Add potatoes, onions and lemons. Place kielbasa on top of vegetables. Add shrimp or crab boil seasoning, All purpose seasoning, butter and beer (or water). Latch the lid and place on heat source. Once the cooker begins to vent steam, keep on heat source for additional 25-30 minutes (approx).

CAREFULLY open lid and add shrimp. COOKER AND CONTENTS WILL BE HOT. USE OVEN MITTS. Re-latch lid and cook for an additional 5- 10 minutes. Remove from heat source and let stand for a minimum of 5 to10- minutes. Place food into large serving tray and enjoy.

 ****Always spray the inside of the CanCooker with Non Stick cooking spray before you add contents


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