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Tailgating Supplies

Weekend Tailgater Grill

A Few Necessities Make the Difference

It’s football season again, and time for tailgating! Tailgating supplies vary enormously from vehicle to vehicle, and they can include anything from team logo flags and banners to portable bean bag games and decorative area rugs. Most items considered essential for tailgating could probably stay at home, but three of the most important pieces of equipment that should never be forgotten include the portable shade canopy, folding chairs or other basic seating options, and a portable grill.

Portable shade canopies not only protect you and your tailgating supplies from the sun’s harsh UV rays, they also help to create your own outdoor space. With so many people joining in on the tailgating fun, your own personal space can be easily encroached upon by tailgating neighbors. A shade canopy offers a welcoming place to party with fellow tailgaters, but it also establishes boundaries within which you can comfortably set up your tailgating supplies and enjoy the day. Portable shade canopies are easy to put up, fast to take down, and can be stored conveniently with your other tailgating supplies in the back of your vehicle or at home. If you drive an SUV or truck, the most ideal instant shade canopy for tailgating is one that attaches to the roof of your vehicle. Clips or Velcro tabs attach the shade canopy to one side of your vehicle’s roof rack, while the other side of the canopy is held up with support legs. But, when it comes down to it, any kind of portable shade canopy will do the job.

Seating options for tailgating come in all shapes and sizes, but what’s important is that it’s portable. A folding sports couch or folding butterfly chairs with cup holders and head rests offer comfort and convenience, but any kind of folding chairs will suffice. The key is finding seating options that are not only comfortable for you, but that will also fit easily into the back of your vehicle with the rest of your tailgating supplies. If you have room, you may consider packing an extra folding chair or two in your car or truck in case you want to have seating ready for fellow tailgaters.

Food and drinks are another necessary addition to your tailgating supplies, but unless you plan to serve only cold, picnic-style foods, you’ll need to bring along a portable grill to prepare your meal and snacks. A number of portable grills are available for tailgating, and choosing the right one depends only on your situation. Do you have a surface, like a table, on which a portable grill can be placed when it’s time to grill those steaks or hamburgers? If so, then any tabletop portable grill would work. If you don’t have access to an appropriate table-high surface for cooking, then a portable grill with full-sized folding legs is a good choice. The most ideal type of portable grill for tailgating, though, attaches to the back of your vehicle and stays there during transport and grilling. Known as the Margaritaville Tailgating Grill, this portable grill comes with a steel swing arm that attaches to any standard receiving hitch. The swing arm locks when the vehicle is in motion, but when it’s time to light the grill, the swing arm can be extended out, keeping the heat and mess away from your vehicle. Lock the swing arm in place before driving home, and the portable grill never has to touch the inside of your car or truck.


The goal of tailgating, whether or not you ever go into the stadium to see the game, is to celebrate your team and its potential victory. Being prepared for the game with the proper tailgating supplies means that you can focus entirely on the experience of the day rather than on what you left behind at home. Any number of items can be included in your list of tailgating supplies, but without a shade canopy, comfortable seating, and a portable grill, your tailgating experience is sure to be a drag.

Are You Ready for Some Football? – Tips for Tailgating Prep

Tailgate Party Blender and CADAC portable Grill

Tailgating in style! Mixing it up with a Party Blender

Tailgating is a popular pastime for many Americans and it is now back in full swing, thanks to the start of football season. If you’re getting ready to go out tailgating, you have a lot of different things that you have to think about. For starters, you need to make sure that you take the time to learn about all of the different supplies that you’ll need for the big day.  The football season is in full swing and if you want to get out there, you’ll need to make sure that you’re ready for it.  Having the right tailgating supplies isn’t the only thing you need, however.  Here are some important tips to keep in mind for tailgating season:

  • Always keep it safe. Tailgate parties are America’s pastime, but so many people in one place can often lead to problems if you’re not prepared. There are a lot of different ways to have fun at tailgating parties, but safety always comes first. Schools like UGA banned the use of grills because of the dangers that they pose to tailgaters who are trying to have a good time, but that’s not a common issue. You just have to be aware of your surroundings and make sure that fun doesn’t come before safety.
  • Make sure that you have everything that you need the day before. That way, you can run out and get any last minute stuff without having to worry about being late to the game or getting there with a full cooler and grill, but no steaks or burgers. Plan ahead and plan well so that you can spend more time having fun and less time worrying about whether you have everything.
  • Make sure that you have your charcoal grill or smoker is safely parked away from buildings and vehicles.  The hoses should be properly connected and you need to have a fire extinguisher and spray bottle close by in case things get out of control. Also, keep kids and pets away from the grill and have a safety kit on hand just in case accidents do happen. Make sure that whoever is in charge of the grill is manning it properly and keeping an eye on things at all times.
  • Keep your party supplies and other accessories away from the grill. Decorations are fun, but they can be a fire hazard if they get too close to the flames. Make sure that you’re not using accelerants, like gasoline,  to start the grill either, because things can get out of control fast.
  • Watch out for other party-goers. Although everyone starts off here to have a good time, things can quickly get out of control. There is usually alcohol at these parties and some people don’t mix well with a few beers. Avoid angry people or those who look like they’re trying to start trouble. Have fun and remember that it’s about having a good time, not one-upping the guy next to you.
  • Make sure that you know the rules of the lot. Some tailgating venues have explicit rules about behavior, conduct, activities, and other regulations. You could get yourself kicked out if you don’t follow the rules but you can’t keep up with them if you don’t know what they are.
  • Show up early. If you want to get the most out of your experience, you have to be there 3-4 hours before game time. That will ensure that you get a good spot and have time to cook and enjoy the food with your friends or family before the game starts. Make sure that you give yourself time to clean up and pack up after you’re done, too. If you’re going to the game and coming back for more, you should still pack up your stuff before you head to the field.
  • Find the perfect tailgating location. Some lots charge for the best spaces, but that might not matter to you. You should look for grass so that you have more room to spread out. If you can’t park by trees, bring sun shades or a canopy to keep you cool and avoid the sunburn that comes from staying out too long. If you have to make do with any spot that you get, try to make friends and figure out how to get a better space next time while you’re there.
  • Clean up after yourself. There is nothing worse than a tailgater who comes, makes a mess, and leaves. Make sure that you have trash bags, charcoal disposal containers if you have a charcoal grill, and other tools to clean things up and put them back the way you left them. A lot of people leave trash and food lying around because they don’t feel like cleaning up. Not only does that look bad, but that can jeopardize the future of tailgating in that spot for everyone.
  • There’s a lot to learn if you’re going to make the most of tailgating. These tips, however, should make it easier for you to have the best experience. Remember that it takes some planning, but this is supposed to be a good time and you’re going to have it if you’re prepared. Football season is just getting started and you’re on your way to a great time every time you go tailgating as long as you’re ready and know the rules.
  • Everyone has a different idea of what a good time is, so make sure that you don’t cause conflicts with other tailgaters or try to encroach on other people’s parties. While it’s usually pretty friendly in the tailgating lot, you can never be too careful. Safety and preparedness are the keys to success with any tailgating event. Plan ahead, get your supplies online for less, and prepare yourself for a great time every time no matter which team you’re rooting for. With this information in mind, you’ll be on your way to having a blast at your favorite football game, whether you’re a seasoned tailgater or just starting your adventures in the world of parking lot parties.


Offset Patio Umbrellas Provide Anywhere Shade

Side Post Umbrella
Patio and market umbrellas are a great way to add a pop of color and an inexpensive shade solution to your backyard. Many of our umbrellas are designed to fit into a center hole on a patio table, but you can also find freestanding options to add shade anywhere, including on patios, lawns, or poolside. Our side post umbrellas come with a built in base that make them perfect for a multitude of applications. They cover a large area and provide a beautiful aesthetic to your outdoors. Our freestanding awnings cover an even larger area while remaining completely attachment free. No need to attach anything to your home or existing structures. If you are looking for a more traditional patio or market umbrella, such as our aluminum, teak, or wooden models, we offer a variety of stands and bases that make your umbrella stand alone anywhere you need!

Swaying in the Breeze

Rope Hammock
The sway of a hammock in the breeze is one of life’s most comforting activities. It is a natural way to unwind from birth to adulthood. As infants, gentle, hammock-like rocking motions soothe us to sleep. As adults, swaying in a hammock while reading, napping, or relaxing is an ultimate pleasure. Whether between the shade of two trees or supported by a hammock stand, you can add one of our stylish rope or fabric hammocks to your backyard!

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Coolaroo Pet BedsWooden Dog House
Treat your pampered pooch to an extra special treat with one of our pet products. We carry the amazing Coolaroo pet bed, as well as some of the coolest dog houses you’ve ever seen. Coolaroo pet beds are elevated 7 inches off the ground or floor and made of cooling, breathable Coolaroo material. The material is resistant to flea and insect infestation, as well as to mold and mildew. They are perfect for older pets and pets with aches and pains because the hammock style prevents hard pressure points on your dog’s joints. Our dog houses, available in variety of sizes and styles, offer the perfect protection for your favorite pooch when outdoors.