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Wooden Swing Sets Provide Quality and Fun

Wooden Swing Set Kit
If you are looking for a wooden swing set, we have all of the options to ensure that you receive a quality swing set for less than you ever expected. Our four swing set kits, Settler, Trailblazer, Pathfinders, and Adventurer, all feature the highest quality hardware that is available. Our simple, easy to follow plans will help you work through step by step. You simply buy your wood (which is outlined on our wood list) and we supply all of the hardware, including swings, blots, and all other hardware.

You can also choose, in addition to how many swings are on your set, from our amazing selection of add on options. We have several varieties of gliders and swings. Our five slide choices will add excitement of varying levels. We also have rope ladders, monkey bars, sandboxes, and other accessories to add fun and excitement to your new wooden swing set. All of our sets and accessories feature great quality and loads of fun.

Wooden Swing Sets Are Great Entertainment

 Wooden Swing Set

My three year old daughter loves nothing more than being outside on a nice summer day. It is always a struggle finding new and exciting things to keep her entertained. We recently decided to purchase a wooden swing set to try to add some variety to her outdoor activities. It has been such a great addition to our home! It provides endless hours of entertainment and keeps her challenged in a positive way with all the features that it has.

Creating a custom swing set is easy with a purchased kit and some sturdy wood. You simply build the frame, with easy to follow instructions, and attach the accessories of you choice. No swing set would be complete without a slide, and there are many options to choose from. From straight and simple to a spiral tube, you are sure to find the slide that fits your ideal vision. There are also a variety of swings in different colors and designs that can add variety for children of different ages. You can add a bucket swing for your littlest ones. A glider provides great fun for older kids or siblings. A sandbox, monkey bars, rock wall, or rope ladder can also add various degrees of fun for different ages. Finally, add telescope or steering wheel, and the swing set that your kids have always dreamed of will be a reality in your front yard!

We used to spend a lot of time at the park. Now, my daughter has her own park in our front yard. It provides her with entertainment, but also helps keep her active and challenged in outdoor play.

Swing Set Safety

Wooden Swing Set Kits

How Safe is Your Backyard Playground Equipment?

Before you jump into installing the swing set you got for your kids this Christmas, consider the following… Backyard playground safety begins even before the playground equipment has been constructed and installed. Hopefully this information will assist you in planning and creating a safe backyard playground for your children and their friends.

The Best Location for Your Backyard Playground Equipment

Choosing the ideal location for your new playground equipment is the first step in ensuring backyard playground safety. Avoid sloping areas – level ground helps prevent playground equipment from tipping over. In addition, select an area that is away from potentially hazardous obstacles such as trees, low branches and wires, stumps, roots, large rocks, fences, bricks, and concrete. Plan for a safety zone of at least 6 feet around all backyard playground equipment; set aside even more space in front of and behind swings.

Protective Playground Surfaces

Once you have chosen the safest location for your backyard playground, the next step is to select an appropriate type of protective surface for under the equipment. Grass and dirt are the most common surfaces found under backyard playgrounds, but they are not adequate protection against injuries due to falls. Pea gravel, sand, wood chips, and shredded or recycled rubber mulch are some examples of protective playground surface options. Each protective surface option has its own specific minimum depth recommendations.

Backyard Playground Construction Materials

One of the most common materials used to construct playground equipment is wood.  Wooden Swing Set equipment should be treated to resist rotting and insects. Cedar and Redwood are two recommended wood types for wooden playground construction because they are naturally resistant to rotting and insect damage.  ACQ pressure treated wood is also a good choice.

Safe Hardware for Playground Equipment

Use the bolts and screws recommended by the manufacturer of your playground equipment. Lock washers or self-locking nuts are essential to prevent bolts from loosening over time. Be sure to cap any exposed bolts – these can cause serious cuts or entangle loose clothing. In addition, close all S hooks so that openings are less than the thickness of a dime. Carabineers, like those used in mountain climbing and other adventure sports, can be used as an alternative to S hooks to attach the top of each swing to the swing beam hardware.

Once the playground equipment has been chosen, constructed, and installed, the following guidelines will further ensure the safety of children who enjoy the playground equipment:

  • Bike helmets should not be worn on play sets because they cannot pass through some spaces and children can become trapped. Strangulation by the helmet’s chinstrap is a potential danger.
  • Ropes, jump ropes, clotheslines, or pet leashes should never be attached to playground equipment because they can be a strangulation hazard.
  • Children who use the backyard playground equipment should be supervised at all times by a parent or other responsible adult.
Maintaining Your Backyard Playground for Safety

Ensuring playground safety means maintaining the equipment over time. Bolts, nuts, caps, chains, cables, and other  equipment should be checked periodically for wear and tear and replaced as needed. In addition, protective playground surfaces like pea gravel, mulch, and sand may need to be replenished.

Having the most fun possible is a child’s only concern when it comes to backyard playground equipment. With proper planning and implementation of the playground safety recommendations, you can rest assured that you will have created a play space for your children that is not only fun, but safe.