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Upgrade Swing Sets for Summer

Back to Back Glider Swing Trapeze Bar Super Tube Spiral Slide Sandbox Kit
You probably already know that wooden swing sets are a great way to provide fun and exercise to your children without leaving your home. If fact, many of you probably own one of these versatile sets. If you do, summer is the perfect time to consider upgrading and adding new and exciting accessories. Children often get bored easily and look for more challenging or entertaining activities. These swing set accessories will re-engage your children and add fun new elements to your set.

  • Exciting Belt Swing Alternatives: Do regular belt swings seem boring to your kids? Surprise them with a back to back glider swing or trapeze bar to instantly change their swinging dynamic.
  • Super Slides: Is your regular slide worn? Just looking for something more interesting? A tube spiral slide is perfect for sets with a deck height of at least 7 ft. and with a 275 lb. weight limit, parents might even sneak in a slide!
  • Detached Sand Box: Looking for a way to add outdoor fun for younger siblings? With a wooden sand box kit, you can build a sand box to match your swing set, complete with matching canopy top. It will blend beautifully with your set and provide an extra level of fun.
  • Rock Walls, Rope Ladders, and Monkey Bars: Create an interesting way to climb on your set. Rock walls are easy to build and come in sets with 5-20 handles to create a custom climbing experience and varying degrees of difficulty. A rope ladder is perfect for upper arm and leg strength development. It is also perfect for pretend play (think pirates and castle walls). Monkey bars are also a classic, but exciting, way to introduce new skilled play elements.
  • On Set Games: A Tic-Tac-Toe Spinner panel will create park-quality play time for your little ones. They are easy to install and will create hours of game time for kids of all ages.

Add one or more of these exciting accessories to create additional fun and family time for the children in your life!
Rock Wall Kit Rope Ladder Monkey Bar Kits Tic Tac Toe Spinner Kit

Swings with Zing: Keeping Swing Sets Updated and Cool

Tire Swing


As kids grow older, their needs and abilities change.  Keeping your backyard swing set updated with accessories that meets your kids’ current needs and interests will ensure that the swing set continues to be used and enjoyed over the course of many years.   There’s no need to completely overhaul your swing set at one time, though.  Start with one improvement and see how that goes before adding or changing anything else.  Swings are a good place to start.

How old were your kids when you first purchased their backyard swing set?  Were they young enough to need a bucket swing or half-bucket swing for safety?  Updating the swings on your swing set is an easy and inexpensive way to keep the kids coming back out to play.  Instead of buying a new standard belt swing, though, choose a swing with somePine Wood Chair Swing zing.

Some popular alternative choices for traditional swings include tire swings and glider swings, both of which can support at least two people at a time.  A disc swing is another fun option that, like the tire swing, is not limited to just a back and forth movement.  For older kids and even adults, a wooden chair swing is an appealing spot for swinging gently while chatting with a friend or reading a book.

Getting the most use out of your backyard swing set means that a little updating of the accessories now and then is necessary.  Keep up with your kids’ interests as they grow and change, and you’ll keep them coming back to play.

Swinging Outdoor Beds – The Perfect Gift

Original Swing Bed

If you are looking for an amazing Christmas gifts for someone very special, I have the perfect idea. A swing bed is an amazing addition to any porch or patio. It provides the perfect outdoor area to lounge, nap, snuggle, and relax. The bed is a combination of a porch swing and a twin or full size bed. They can be made of beautiful pine, cypress, or red cedar and can be stained or painted to match your outdoor decor. The swing beds hold 800-1000 pounds, depending on how they are hung, making them perfect for the entire family! Imagine how happy your loved one will be while napping outdoors during the warm Spring and Summer months. This will definitely be a gift that they will remember forever!