Green Windows — Solar Window Shades Save Energy and Money

Solar Outdoor Window Shade

Outdoor Solar Shade

Saving the planet may seem like a daunting task, but when we take small steps to reduce our carbon footprint, we can move closer to our goal.  One easy way we can do our part to reduce greenhouse gasses, while simultaneously cutting home energy costs, is to install solar shades on the windows and doors of our home.  Ideally, the windows or doors in question would be those in which the sun shines directly at some point during the day, but even windows or doors that do not receive direct sunlight can benefit from solar shades, also known as sun shades.  Outfitting our home with sun shades will keep inside temperatures down, reducing the need for air conditioning.

According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), “Energy consumption for home air conditioning accounts for almost 5% of all the electricity produced in the U.S. for all purposes at a cost to homeowners of over $15 billion. This translates to roughly 140 million tons of carbon dioxide” (  That’s a lot of “green” going out the window, so to speak.

Solar shades are a practical solution because, for one, they are not black out shades; they do not darken a home and keep out all light.  Solar shades allow light and air to filter through, but, at the same time, they can reduce a room’s temperature by up to 25%.  Cooler temperatures inside mean more “green” — in other words, more money in our pockets and a healthier environment.

6 thoughts on “Green Windows — Solar Window Shades Save Energy and Money”

  1. Trey Collier

    Hi Connie,

    I’m sure that solar shades would be a great option for your windows. The closest stock size that we offer to your windows is 4′ x 6′. This option might work for you after measuring your windows. The price of the standard Coolaroo 4×6 shade is $45.00 (each) plus shipping. We do not offer installation services, but the mounting brackets and hardware are included. You can check out the Coolaroo roll up shades here:

    If this is too short to cover your 7′ drop, there are custom solar shades available. If you are interested in getting a quote for custom solar shades, please give us a call at 888-751-0101. We will be glad to take your window measurements and help you out!

  2. Connie Hochberg

    I have 6 windows that face South and are about 4′ x 7′. Solar shades seem to be a good fit, but can you tell me the price of installation and shades for these windows? My house exterior wall is stucco.


  3. connie sullivan

    Hi – I wonder if you know how I might order wooden grips to attach to the bottom of a shade. I saw some that were about 3-4 inches wide and about 2 inches high – they clamped onto the bottom of the roller shade. Can you help me locate some?? thanks

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