Rechargeable Patio Atmosphere Lights
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Rechargeable Patio Atmosphere Lights

Set of 5 Lights

These stylish Rechargeable Atmosphere Lights have 5 super bright LEDs in each of the five lights and are a great way to light up your party, decorate for holidays, or as a unique center piece. You can use these lights year round both indoors or out and are great for adding a festive mood to any get together. They are perfect for adding some color around your pool for a night time swim party.

These lights recharge in about 3 hours for 8-10 hours of use. These rechargeable lights are a perfect match for many situations and come with rechargeable batteries, clear hanging hooks, and include a handy charger base which indicates when the lights are fully charged. They can also be used while on the charger. Thanks to the increasing popularity of rechargeable lighting for accent and security, there is a larger variety of designs and styles available. Includes 5 rechargeable lights. The set includes one white, red, amber, green, and blue light.

Features of Rechargeable Patio Atmosphere Lights-5 Light Set
  • Rechargeable Batteries Included
  • Includes smart charger will full charge indicator
  • 5 Super Bright LEDs per Light
  • 8-10 Hours Run Time with as little as 3 hours of charging
  • No Wiring Needed
  • Includes 5 lights in Blue, Green, Red, White, and Amber

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