Outdoor Flood Lights & Directional Lighting

Outdoor Flood Lights & Directional Lighting

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Flood Lights are an essential part of any outdoor lighting plan. Outdoor Flood Lights can be used to highlight a home's architectural strengths as well as to accent landscape foliage like plants, shrubs, and trees. Flood Lighting also provides added security by eliminating darkened areas outside the home that could become potential break in areas for nighttime intruders.

Directional Lighting is usually made up of a light source(s) pointed in a specific direction with parallel light rays that do not diminish greatly with distance. In Positional Lighting, or Flood Lighting, the rays of light are not completely parallel and diminish in intensity from the source.

The careful use of directional, positional, or flood lighting can add dramatic beauty to your landscape as well as security to your home.

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