Outdoor Curtain Rod Pockets
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Outdoor Curtain Rod Pockets

Custom Draperies add Romance and Style to Your Exterior Living Space

We use the finest Sunbrella outdoor fabrics, and other fabrics, to make our quality custom rod pocket outdoor curtains. Our custom outdoor rod pocket curtains are available with several different pocket sizes to fit most wood or metal rod hardware. Choose from a variety of solid Sunbrella colors to coordinate your curtains with your décor and your outdoor living space will come alive!

Rod Pockets are the most popular way to hang your Outdoor Curtains or Drapes. A pocket is sewn onto the top of the curtain. A wood or metal curtain rod is inserted into the pocket at the top and the rest of the fabric is allowed to hang down from the rod.

All of our rod pocket outdoor curtains are hand made here in North America to your custom specifications. Our custom outdoor curtains provide unmatched quality and durability. Unlike curtains you can find at many "Big Box" or mail order catalogs, our curtains are made to provide you with long lasting quality that you'd expect from a quality custom outdoor curtain or drape

How to Measure for your Outdoor Curtain or Drape

All sizes are measured in inches. The total height should be measured from 1/4" above where the rod is mounted (or will be mounted), down to where you want the bottom of your curtains to be. Usually that will either be an inch or two above the floor, to the floor to allow the curtain to touch the floor, or add a few more inches to allow the decorative curtains to bunch or pool at the bottom when pulled back. Please note, when you insert the rod into the pocket of the curtain, it opens the pocket and this "Rod Take-Up" will pull the bottom of the curtain upwards. You may want to add the diameter of the rod you are, or will be using, to your finished length to compensate for this "Rod Take-Up".

All sizes are measured in inches. The proper width of your drape or curtain should be the actual width of what you want it to cover when closed, multiplied by 1.5. This should allow enough "extra" fabric to still look like a flowing curtain when you close the curtain to cover the width. If you didn't allow for this, the curtain would look like a stretched fabric when closed. Please note: Sunbrella fabric is manufactured in specific widths. We can accommodate any width curtain, but the curtain panel will have a fairly unnoticeable seam.

Tie Backs
Our optional tie backs are 3" wide by 29" long. They are made from the same identical fabric you choose. These are very simple single fabric rectangles with a plastic ring stitched on each side that can be connected to a hook. The plastic ring can be eliminated if you wish to tie in a bow. A brass grommet can be put in the middle to be attached to side posts where the ends can be used to tie up curtain with a bow. (Mounting hardware not included.) Tie Backs are $19.95 a pair.

Pocket Size: We offer 2in, 3in, or 4in for our pocket sizes. Custom width and length options ensure a perfect fit on your rod! (Rod and rod mounting hardware is not included.)

Please click on this Custom Pocket Curtain & Drapes Quote Form, fill it out and fax it to 901-531-8145. It will take approximately 1 business day to process and quote the Curtains or Drapes you need. All orders placed for a custom outdoor curtains will take approximately 2-4 weeks to ship once the order has been placed.

5 Year Limited Warranty
We warranty against defects in materials and workmanship (stitching, grommets, tabs and the like) for a full one year from the date of order, under normal and expected usage and exposures to the elements. This warranty does not cover abuse, improper care, accidents, Acts of god (like wind or hail damage) or against normal breakdown of material over an extended time. We will repair or replace, at our discretion, upon our inspection. All furniture grade Sunbrella Outdoor Fabrics carry a 5 year fabric warranty. All other fabrics will be warranted for one full year from date of purchase.

We can take special requests like, but not limited to, weight pockets at bottom, grommets, tabs or rod pockets on the bottom, etc.

Fabric curtain panels start at only $3.15/sf for sheer and $7.15 for instock Sunbrella.

All outdoor curtains or drapes are custom made to your specifications.
Therefore all sales are final. No refunds or returns can, or will, be accepted.

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