Metal Swing Sets Heavy Duty

Metal Swing Sets Heavy Duty

Commercial Grade Metal Swing Sets - Heavy Duty

Our high quality Metal Swing Sets with galvanized structures require very little, if any, maintenance. The overall strength of our swing set structures is superior. In fact, they hold much more weight than is needed or required for the swing set. For Ages 5 - 12yrs.

Each Metal Swing Set comes with two-way end supports on Residential Swing sets, and three-way end supports on Commercial Swing Sets. These swing sets are engineered for extra strength with a 2.375" (Outside Diameter) rust-resistant galvanized steel top rail and two (2) 2.375" (Outside Diameter) legs on each end. These sets have aluminum compression clamping yokes and ductile iron swing hangers with oil impregnated bearings. The swings have rust-resistant galvanized 4/0 straight coil chain. You also have your choice of belt and chain color on all metal swing sets. Chains are plastisol coated and help prevent pinching the little one's fingers. The swing beam height on these swing sets is 8 feet. Spacing between the legs, front to back on the 8' tall Residential swing set is 83"; Spacing between the legs, front to back on the 8' tall Commercial swing set is 125". Each swing is rated for 800lbs.

Measurements (8 Ft Beam Height)
Grade Number of Swings Beam Length Length at Ground Level Depth at Ground Level
Residential 2 10ft 15ft 10in 6ft 11in
Residential 4 20ft 25ft 10in 6ft 11in
Commercial 2 10ft 17ft 4in 7ft 8in
Commercial 4 20ft 27ft 9in 7ft 8in
Commercial 6 30ft 38ft 2in 7ft 8in

Engineered and designed for commercial use. Voluntarily meets or exceeds all recommendations of the ASTM Standard F 1487 95 and Consumer Product Safety Commission as outlined in the Handbook for Public Playground Safety.

Note: If you are going to use the Metal Swing Set in a Commercial Environment, such as a church or school, then you will need to purchase a Commercial Grade Swing Set package. Use of a Residential Swing Set package in a Commercial Environment will void the warranty.

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