Double EarthFriendly Rope Hammock
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Double EarthFriendly Rope Hammock

Recycled Polyester Rope Hammock


The Double EarthFriendly Rope Hammock is made from 100% recycled polyester fiber, which is made mostly from recycled plastic bottles. What a great way to add to your relaxation in a hammock by knowing that you are also helping the environment! The large rope is soft like cotton, but has the durability of polyester. The rope has just enough stretch to make your naptime comfortable and relaxing. Another environmentally friendly feature is that the wood spreader bars are finished with flax seed oil instead of varnish.

The Double EarthFriendly Rope Hammock is 54" wide and 84" long. The spreader bars are made of Canadian Hard Maple, and the hanging space required for this hammock is 12 to 13-1/2 ft. The weight capacity when hung properly is 350 lbs. The double hammock is available in white. Optional hammock accessories, as shown below, are great additions to your hammock experience.

Optional Hammock Accessories

Hammock Hanging Kit
Hammock Hanging Kit
  • Tree friendly - will not damage the trees
  • Attaches hammock to any size tree, post, etc.
  • Contains 2 nylon straps, each 10' long & 2 quick links
  • Easy to use
  • Available in black

  • Hammock Pillow
    Hammock Pillow
  • Fabric: Sunbrella exterior, foam filled
  • Size: 12" wide x 30" long
  • Color: hunter green, natural, or navy blue

  • Hammock Drink Holder
    Hammock Drink Holder
  • Removable
  • Keeps your favorite beverage close at hand
  • Ties onto hammocks or swings

  • Features of Double EarthFriendly Rope Hammock
  • Made mostly from recycled soda bottles
  • Soft and durable
  • Wood for spreader bars is FSC certified and harvested locally from Wind Horse Farms in New Germany, Nova Scotia
  • Spreader bars are finished from organic flaxseed oil from a local oil producer
  • Size: 54" wide x 84" long
  • Hanging space: 12' to 13 1/2'
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs
  • Spreader bars: Canadian hard maple
  • Color: White

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