Juliana Greenhouses & Greenhouse Kits

Juliana Greenhouses & Greenhouse Kits

With Durable Polycarbonate Panels

Many avid gardeners might resist the temptation to bring a greenhouse into their gardening plan because of local weather conditions. Will a small greenhouse be able to withstand windy days, extremely cold temperatures, and harsh winter weather conditions such as hail, snow, and ice? If you select a Juliana Greenhouse for your off season gardening activities, you can answer that question with a "yes." Cold climates, windy conditions, and harsh weather are no match for the sturdy Juliana Greenhouse, which is designed to withstand even the extreme weather conditions found in Scandinavia.

Juliana Greenhouses are constructed with only the most durable materials -- every structure is made of engineered aluminum and is fitted with twin wall polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is the most advanced insulating panel ever developed for use in greenhouses. Its double-walled structure gives it greater strength (virtually unbreakable against baseballs, rocks, and hail) and superior insulating values with the air space built into the product. Twin wall polycarbonate also provides your greenhouse with an even, diffused light which is optimal for growing plants.

All Juliana Greenhouses also include ventilation windows in the top of the structure which eliminates the need for powered exhaust fans in most areas. The most effective way to vent your greenhouse is by letting hot air naturally rise out of the top.

No matter the size of your yard or garden, BackyardCity.com has a Juliana Greenhouse that will fit. We offer the smallest and most basic of Juliana Greenhouses for gardeners who may not have much room to spare, or for gardeners who wish to do only minimal gardening during the off season. We also offer Juliana Greenhouses for larger areas and more ambitious gardening activities. You will find a greenhouse that fits your yard as well as your gardening needs. All of the Juliana Greenhouses come with a 12 year warranty.

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