Adirondack Outdoor Wood Furniture

Adirondack Outdoor Wood Furniture

Bring the Charm of Rustic Outdoor Wood Furniture to your own Backyard

The Adirondack style of architecture and furnishings originated in the mid 1800s when city dwellers from New York began building country homes and retreats in the nearby Adirondack Mountains. Marked by a rustic look and natural materials, Adirondack style quickly became popular and spread from its roots in New York to other mountainous areas and resort areas in the country, eventually finding its way into backyards of every size.

The appearance of Adirondack Furniture is familiar to many of us thanks to Theodore Roosevelt. When he created the National Park system in the early 20th century, he felt strongly that Adirondack style architecture and furnishings best complemented the environment of the parks, so structures were built and furnishings were provided that fulfilled his requests. Anyone who has ever visited The Inn at Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park has experienced an example of Adirondack style from the Roosevelt era.

You can bring the rustic and natural charm of Adirondack Outdoor Wood Furniture to your own backyard patio, deck, or poolside with the beautiful collection offered at Each piece of our ready made Adirondack Furniture has been handcrafted by both national and international craftsmen, and we are proud to be able to offer this high quality furniture at very reasonable prices.

While our Adirondack Furniture is intended for use in the outdoors, it can also make a stunning addition to any casual indoor décor. Adirondack Furniture is weather resistant and built to last. With minimal maintenance, you can enjoy your furniture for many years.

For more information about Caring for and Maintaining Outdoor Wood Furniture, please see this helpful article.

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