MVP 8612 Grill Package by Party King

Hitch-Mounted Portable Swing Out Grill

The MVP-8612 MVP Grill Package will allow you to drive-in, unlatch, swing-out and be cooking in less than three minutes with our extraordinary, hitch-mounted portable Swing'n Smoke™ MVP Grill Series. There are three great, value-added, portable, propane grill packages from which to choose. All Party King® tailgate grill packages incorporate the same high-quality, 3-burner, stainless steel, MVP Grill that utilizes the same standard LP tank connection that can be powered either by an LP tank or our highly portable, space-saving Double Barrel Fuel System/ Twin Valve Manifold!!

 MVP-8612:  MVP Grill, VERSArm HD, plus Ice Chest Tray.

  • High-quality MVP Grill with 3 stainless steel burners

  • VERSArm™ HD Swing-out Carrier System

  •  Double-Barrel Fuel System™

  •  Handy Ice Chest Tray

(Does not include ice chest or propane bottle)


This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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