EasyGrow Greenhouse

EasyGrow Greenhouse

Modular Greenhouse Kits

Don't throw away those flowers and plants you have cared for all spring and summer just because winter has arrived. The EasyGrow Greenhouse is the perfect way to keep your beautiful plants alive and well when the weather turns cold. A Greenhouse can give you the perfect environment to keep plants and flowers thriving all year long. You can also get a jump on early planting and seedlings in early spring while providing them with the perfect environment to grow and thrive. The EasyGrow Greenhouse, will provide you with perfect place to practice your horticulture hobby to the fullest.

We have several sizes of Greenhouses to choose from so space should not be a problem. You can grow and nurture your own plants, vegetables, fruits, and herbs, enjoy tropical plants year round, and protect your favorite outdoor plants from damage by frost and cold weather. These greenhouses have shelved walls providing you with plenty of space to enjoy your beautiful flowers and plants as well as delicious home-grown vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

EasyGrow Greenhouses provide UV protection, excellent light diffusion, proper air circulation, heat control, and simple push-fit assembly that requires only a Phillips screwdriver and Pliers for assembly. The EasyGrow greenhouse kit comes standard with panels for the width of the greenhouse, hinged door panels, side vents and roof vents with an auto opener for proper air ventilation. There is no need for flooring due to the construction of the green house which has criss cross steel wires that make it very sturdy.

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