Greenhouse - 10ft x 12ft Bench Mart Deluxe


The 10ft x 12ft Bench Mart Deluxe is designed to be a 3-season greenhouse that allows you to get a jump on the Spring growing season. It assembles quickly with wing nuts, so no tools are needed. Multilevel benches and hanging basket purlins allow you to maximize your growing space. Heavy-duty galvanized bench tops and 6 mil, 4-year poly covering are included. Durable polycarbonate Slide-Side panels allow for adjustable ventilation. Expanded Bench Tables are available as an option for added work space,

Quality Features
Natural Vent
Natural Ventilation
Hanging Baskets
Hanging Baskets
Display Benches
Display Benches
Double Doors
Double Doors
Wiggle Wire
Easy Installation Wiggle Wire


This Green House is made to order and takes about 3 to 4 weeks to ship

Features of Bench Mart Deluxe Greenhouse - 10ft x 12ft
  • Natural Ventilation Slide-Side ventilation is easy to use and will keep your customers comfortable and happy in all weather conditions.
  • Hanging Basket Purlins Two hanging basket purlins run the length of the Bench-Mart Deluxe. Hang your baskets in style and right at customer eye level for increased sales.
  • Integrated Display Benching The Bench-Mart Deluxe includes high-capacity, built-in side benching to display your product.
  • Double Swinging End Doors (2) two-foot swinging doors create a wide four-foot entryway that allows easy access to the Bench-Mart Deluxe. Covered in clear 6mm polycarbonate sheeting, they stand up to the rigors of a busy retail environment.
  • Roof and End Wall Poly A choice of clear or white 6 mil. roof polyethylene with clear poly on the end walls. Our poly coverings are UV stabilized, and come with a four-year limited warranty.
  • Wiggle Wire Poly Attachment System Used on thousands of greenhouses, Wiggle Wire has proven to be a low-cost, effective system to attach polyethylene or shade material to greenhouses. Quick and easy to use, the Wiggle Wire attachment system requires no tools.
  • Comes with 2 Rows of 36 Inch Shelves and 1 of 18 Inch Shelves on Both Sides and Hanging Basket Purlins That Run the Length of the Greenhouse
  • Expanded Bench Tables are available as an option for added work space

  • This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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